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To provide a source for basic knowledge about the country in which I live; The United States of America.  And to put forth the truth and my own ideas about what must be held most dearly to those that live by my side.  This site is a repository for MY thoughts and beliefs concerning conservative politics.  This site's purpose is to act as a general reminder to myself that day in and day out, despite the flaws, I still live in the greatest country on the face of this planet.  It has also been compiled to educate people concerning American history and even simpler things like what the actual words to the Pledge of Allegiance are.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people continue to botch it.


Site F.A.Q.

Do you link swap?
Why am I having trouble viewing elements of this site?
Why does the sight seem to focus on Conservative ideas more than Liberal ones?
Can I use a quote or excerpt from anything on this web site?
I have found an error with something on your site.  What do I do?
Do you do interviews or make public speaking appearances?
Does the site banner mean anything in particular?  Why do you use the American flag, the dome of the Capital and the bald Eagle?
Can I use the Vigilance Alert Status Monitor on my web site?
I don't understand the meaning of the Vigilance Alert Monitor can you please explain it?
Do you have any products for sale?
How often are new papers posted?
How often are new links added?
What happened to your editorials prior to 5/1/02?
What is your policy on allowing others to reprint your work?

Q. Do you link swap?
I will link swap yes.  I am picky about who I swap links with, but that does not mean you can not ask me.  The worst thing I will say is no.  If I agree to link swap with you I will place a link to your page on my links page and expect you to do the same. Go here for
link swap info.

Here at the Land of the Free we believe in helping to creating a network of thoughful conservatives and libertarians and if your site does just that then your link request will be approved.

Q. Why am I having trouble viewing elements of this site?
This site is designed and optimized for Netscape 7.0+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+.  It has also been tested on Mozilla and it works on those browser which are 99% of my traffic.  If you are having problems please upgrade your browser.  Usually hitting the "refresh" key once solves this problem.  The site also uses a table based format for displaying information so if your browser has problems viewing or understanding table code you will also need to upgrade. 
Netscape offers free downloads of it's web browser software.

Q. Why does the site seem to focus on
Conservative ideas more than Liberal ones?

A.  I consider myself  a civil libertarian and a constitutionalist for a great extent of my beliefs.  I am a classic Liberal in the sense of our founding fathers and a modern day conservative.  Now, if you speak of what I like to refer to as Modern Liberalism (which is actually Socialism, Marxism, etc.) then no; I do not agree with it.  It just so happens that often times conservative, libertarian and constitutional ideals cross each others paths a lot more than modern liberalism does.  I believe that words mean specific things and I do not often look to stretch a word's meaning to come to a particular outcome I desire which is what I believe Liberalism does.  And I think that is very dangerous.


This site is fair but biased towards the Constitution and the opinions of those that created this nation.  Ideas are not grabbed out of thin air and are backable by the facts.

Q. Can I use a quote or excerpt from anything on this web site?
A.  Depends.  Some of the content here is not mine.  Many of them are links to other resources and information that I have drawn from other sources (and hopefully cited properly - if you find an error, please let me know so I can correct it) or submissions from other authors who have given me permissions to print their works.  Anything that is of my own creation you are free to use with the following 2 caveats.  First, you email me and let me know that you are going to use something.  This is just so I know what is going on and am not blind sided when some one says "so-and-so has your stuff on his web site".  Second is that you use the information and my work accurately.  I do not tolerate for being misquoted or slandered or libeled.  See also Reprint Policy.

I consider EVERYTHING of my own creation here as copyrighted and if I catch anyone plagiarizing my work I will pursue it with full legal authority.  So please make sure to cite me correctly as the author.

Q. I have found an error with something on your site.  What do I do?
A.  Any errors can be e-mailed to us with proper soure material.  Realize that many things on this site are opinions.  Just  because you don't agree with them does not necessarily make them wrong.  PLEASE make sure you provide either an internet link or a scanned copy of all source material.  DO NOT provide me with your own personal transcription, I will not even look at it as it is too easy for one to falsify these things.

Q. Do you do interviews or make public speaking appearances?

A. I have done interviews in the past and will continue to do them.  I will consent to an interview as long as it is an actual interview and not someone simply wishing to yell at me on the phone or misquote me.  I am also more than willing to speak before your organization about my views on issues.  Yes, I am no Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh but I am also much less expensive and I articulate just as well.  Such engagements would have to be located in or around the Pittsburgh, PA area since I do have a regular job that I have to perform.

Q. Does the site banner mean anything in particular?  Why do you use the American flag, the dome of the Capital and the bald Eagle?
Yes it does have a special symbolism.  Aside from all three of these being symbols normally associated with United States, the way that I have placed them is even more important than just their usage.  The Capital represents government which is by its nature left-wing and placed on the left.  The bald eagle represents the right-wing principle of freedom, hence it is placed on the right.  The eagle also represents vigilance and is shown facing the Capital with a watchful eye.  The American flag is shown, but it is shown fading out from the right to the left because America is founded upon freedom and as we move towards more and more government, that freedom fades until it no longer exists.

The banner, basically represents my
conservative politics.

Q. Can I use the Vigilance Alert Status Monitor on my web site?
A.  Yes.  I do not proclaim to be the originator of such an idea however I have not seen another to this date and the one that is of my design you may use along the same rules as anything else form this site with one exception.  I have created a secondary version of the monitor which you can down load
here.  This version of the monitor is exactly the same in that it always flashes "ETERNAL" however I have added my current web site URL to the bottom.  You may not edit this image to remove the web site address and I also request that you create a link to this site using the image as the target.  Please note that I consider this as an advertisement for my site and I reserve the right to deny usage to any site that does not meet with my approval such as, but not limited to sites that include pornography, libel and other dubious content.

You can also get a horizontal version of the vigilance alert meter by clicking

Do not link to the image on this site.  Save it and load it on your own server.  I am not wealthy enough to afford paying for too much bandwidth.

Q. I don't understand the meaning of the Vigilance Alert Monitor can you please explain it?

A.  The monitor is a visual take off on the old saying "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."  It is a reminder of that and was inspired by the terrorism alert status that was instituted after 9/11.  It never shows any status except for "eternal" because we must not ever be anything less than eternally vigilant.

Q. Do you have any products for sale?
A. Yes! 
Right Things is my political shop hosted by CafePress.  It contains T-shirts, mugs, hats and more all with conservative political themes.  Products bought through Right Things helps to support the costs of this site and the time spent making it better so please support us.  I also operate some other t-shirt sites which you can find at the bottom of the right hand column.


American Infidel T-shirts is a non-politcal, patriotic shop that you might also find of interest which is also owned by Land of the Free Studios Incorporated.

Q. How often are new opinions posted?
A  Depends.  Since we rely on submissions from some of the web's most popoular authors we can only consider for publication what we receive when we receive it.  As for opinions by myself that depends.  I have a regular job, and this is not it.  I write editorials and papers when the mood strikes me.  Many times when something is covered by another source, rather than rehashing it over and over I will provide a link to it on my blog.  Often times they have researched the topic better than I ever could with a full time job and family responsibilities anyway.

Q. How often are new links added?
A. Depends.  Once again I link to something when I feel that it is pertinent.  Weeks could go by without me linking or citing another source and then I could put up 3 in a single day.  Linking is a new feature as of September 20, 2002 so it may take some time before you see a sizable amount of them out there.

Q. What happened to your editorials prior to 5/1/02?
A. Lost.  I hadn't maintained this site for several years since I was in college in the mid 90's and I foolishly did not back up my data.  Although I thought I had, I must be going senile.  I went back to the original host when I went to start it back up but apparently they had deleted my account for inactivity.  I am not going to attempt to recreate any of the old works.  It is my belief that things are never as good the second time around anyway and even though I remember the topics, I don't want to run the risk of allowing events that have happened since then to taint the words.  Probably over time you will see many of the old topics revisited and updated anyway so it won't matter a whole heck of a lot.  If anyone out there happened to print off any of the old editorials, please email them to me!  (P.S. Mike, you know who you are, I know you had some and if you still have them cough them up man : ) )

Q. What is your policy on allowing others to reprint your work?
A. For internet based sites you can reference my copyright protection policy.  For non-internet based sites, again, it will depend on the type of usage and I will make these determinations on a case by case basis. Non-internet based publications should contact me.

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