The Bureaucratic Threat by Jeff Jackson 10/01/03

"Most bad government has grown out of too much government." - Thomas Jefferson

When our founding fathers penned the Constitution, strict roles were set down for each of the branches of our government.  And these roles were very clear in the powers granted to each.  For they knew that to give the government free license to run amok would certainly spell our doom.  Our founding fathers gave us a means to control our leaders and revoke the terms of those that did not suit the desires of the people who elected them.  But it did not take long for persons that did not believe in the Constitution to begin seeking ways to circumvent its authority.  They have been attempting to do so since before pen was taken to paper to write the words "We the People...".  For to them the people were not worthy to rule themselves; only they, the elite, were capable of such things.  And for over 225 years they have fought against the Constitution and America.

And to this day within our land there are those that at this very moment circumvent the laws of the Constitution, the will of our elected representatives and most importantly the will of the people.  They do this to further their own agendas and there is very little that can be done to stop them for they are the non elected bureaucrats that litter the hallways of every government entity from our nation's capital to our local school districts.  They litter the offices of organizations from The President's Council on Sustainable Development to The State Department.  They breed like rabbits.  They are the fourth branch of our government and they are the monstrous bastard child of lazy politicians.

They answer to no one ultimately because officially they have no real power except to do as Congress dictates and seem haarmless enough.  But officially they control most of the policy making implementation and the paperwork no mater how classified.  They are the  "anonymous" sources often quoted as leaks of information by our news media all too eager to get their hands on information.  They are the paper pushers that can hold up any Congressional mandate duly and properly passed into law for they are ultimately charged with the implementation of such things.  They are the policy wonks entrusted with coming up with strategies to bring old laws to fruition and new plans to the table no matter how distorted these plans may be.  They are the same people that for years refused to see Alger Hiss as a soviet spy and continue to promote him and denounce those that saw him for what he was as any dirty name in the book(1).

The bureaucratic machine is a lumbering beast grown too big for the country's own good.  It has fed off the decadence and couldn't care less attitude of our elected officials for centuries to the point where much of the ultimate power of government now rests in the hands of men that are never seen and have no public accountability.  They are not elected and can not be recalled directly by the people.  Politicians can not remove them because they need them to administer all the burdensome programs, monstrous entitlements and encumbering laws that they have passed since the dawn of this nation.  Replacing them is often not viable either because of the logistics of training a new bureaucrat or because of the lack of political will by our officials.  And many of them are unionized on top of that.

But the beast is not necessary in truth because many of the programs and initiatives that they oversee are unconstitutional bastardizations of government's power that exist only because of redistribution of wealth campaigns.  Taking money from one citizen to give to others apparently requires a lot of bureaucrats. The beast is not necessary because should Congress and other branches of government stop fighting and squabbling amongst themselves and bickering over which new and highly dubious law or program to pass next, they could tend to running some of their own business instead of allowing the faceless to do so.  And because they wont, the bureaucratic machine is necessary to the livelihood of the current political establishment and it is entrenched. 

It is entrenched with both heals dug in.  It is growing with every new law (good or bad) or entitlement.  And it serves only itself.

The government bureaucracy serving itself is what makes it dangerous.  For it was not the basis upon which this nation was founded to have persons in the shadows and without direct public accountability controlling aspects of it.  It was not the basis to have the faceless making decisions on our behalf after being given a blank check by the elected officials of our government to implement law through their own policy.  It was never the intention of the founding of this nation to have a class of powerful persons that can only continue to have power as long as there was some aspect of your life to administer.

Such a beast is in and of itself one thing; totalitarian.  It is such because officially we the people have no real means of direct course to remove them from power.  They have been installed by those that we have sent to Washington.  It is totalitarian because they have no real restraints upon their power, their power is endless for they are given the power to implement the will of Congress or the President as they see fit so long as they can make it appear as though it rests upon the foundation of constitutional authority and legal mumbo jumbo.  It is totalitarian because those that seek to undermine the country have and will continue to flock to this invisible branch of government because it is a potential loophole around the authority of the Constitution unless Congress steps up and intercedes.  Such a branch suits their purposes completely.  It is the enemy from within.

A power grab by those who seek to control this country outside of the prescribed means
can not go unnoticed.  And it has not.

During the lead up to the war with Iraq in 2003 we continually saw intelligence leaks of classified information from The State Department, an organization over run with career bureaucrats.  All were conveniently "anonymous" but served to do nothing except contradict the policy set forth by our President and other elected officials.  What kinds of people seek to do such things? 
Such things are done too often only to undermine and circumvent the authority of our elected officials by those that don't agree with their policy.  Who would seek to undermine and circumvent such authority?  Only those that seek to tear down our government would.

We have seen members of The Presidential Council on Sustainable Development strong arm local politicians into abiding by the non authority of the United Nations around sovereign land such as Yellowstone National Park by classifying the site as a World Heritage Site "In Danger".  And by doing such have negated the rights to private property of those surrounding the lands and regulating them under this New World Order authority(2).  We have seen local officials wilt under pressure while the true "people" that they represent go without notice of such things until it is too late and the regulations are passed.

It is not the role of bureaucrats to undermine the power of government.  It is not the role of bureaucrats to enforce the will of another upon the sovereignty of the United States.  Their only power is to implement the will of our elected officials as our elected officials have directed within the confines of the Constitution.  But the enemies of this nation have found a home that allows them to do their and to do it from within.  And as they do it from within they continue to breed the distrust the people naturally have for government above them.  And this distrust ultimately serves their purpose for it will be speed the downfall of the government that they so despise.

The belief is that as the government crumbles because of the distrust they breed that they will be able to take control.  And they may in fact be right.  For there are already so many that rely upon these career bureaucrats for a handout or as a means to stick it to the other guy.  For these career bureaucrats already have power albeit unofficial power.   And the most dangerous step that we will ever take is to make that power official or to ignore it to the point where it tears our nation down to the ground.

Our elected officials are accomplices in this dangerous growth of the fourth branch of government.  Some are unwilling and others are willing ones to be certain.  But they are all accountable ultimately for the spread of this plague among us.  They are accomplices because with every new law a new bureaucracy is born and another log is thrown upon the fire that if left unchecked will burn down this house.  They are accomplices because every new federal tax dollar spent somewhere requires someone to administer it; requires someone to control it.

But the bureaucrats that place a weight around this country's neck should heed these words: "
all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors".  That's right; Article II, Section IV of the United States Constitution.

You see, all you faceless bureaucrats that believe you are above the law or not bound by the Constitution are not quiet as free as you would believe.  You are all "civil officers" of the United States.  And we as the people of this nation, the source of it's government's power, should not hesitate to use our elected officials and the power of impeachment to remove those that would destroy this country from with.  You are on notice.  You are not as invisible as you might believe.  And we're waiting; waiting for you to slip up one little bit so that we can haul you in to account for your crimes. 
And if our current officials won't do it we will elect those that will.

(1) Read Ann Coulter's Treason for compacted and documented details of this sordid account.
(2) Henry Lamb's Article The Third Sector August 9, 2003 WorldNetDaily

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