Kim in Michigan writes:

I recently started reading some of your editiorials and the papers you have published.  And I have a question for you that I would like your oppinion on.  What do you think about France and the other ""French-like" countries will do once we win the war in Iraq?


I think that it is pretty inevitable.  We've already seen France start posturing for a financial role in a liberated Iraq.  They will continue to do so and even attempt to use the UN as their muscle to do this.  Failing that I believe they may even go soa far as take thier ball and go home and isolate themselves with other countries that were staunchly anti-US.  I think that President Bush will and should tell them to take a hike.  I would be suprised otherwise.

France is cowardly and their actions border on stupidity.  And I mean that in the nicest posible way.  They didn't want to participate and held up any action in the name of diplomacy.  If they think after insulting us (and the Iraqi people) to the ends of the Earth and back that more than a handful of die hard anti-Bushites have any great respect for them they are mistaken.

Of course ultimately the choice will be that of the Iraqi people.  They are, after all, being liberated.  But I don't think that the people of Iraqi will soon forget the role France had in their suffering any time soon.

I think you will see a lack of tourists from the US going to France as well.  Don't be suprised if as their tourism drys up that their attitude towards the US warms up a bit.

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