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By: J.J. Jackson

Thank you for considering submitting your work to The Land of the Free. Please be aware that The Land of the Free does not pay authors to publish their work. What we do offer is a place for independent conservative and libertarian authors to showcase their writing and opinions and are always looking to add quality authors to our stable.

Please note that all (and we do mean all) articles will be reviewed and are subject to approval by J.J. Jackson who is the Owner/Lead Editor of this site and ruler of this benevolent dictatorship. His word is law in terms of what gets published and what does not. In order to be published here you don’t have hold exactly to the same political philosophies as our beloved ruler but you do have to be certainly right of center. The Land of the Free accepts thoughtful conservative and libertarian articles daily for publication.

All accepted works will contain a link back to your web site (if applicable so be sure to include one) so publishing here is a great way to get back links to your site. We also request that you link back to The Land of the Free somewhere in your site as well as a courtesy.

By submitting a work for publication you accept for legal purposes that you are the owner of the written piece in question or have legal authority to submit it for distribution. Should you be found to not be the original author and that you do not have authority to submit any work in question you shoulder all legal ramifications for your acts and agree that The Land of the Free, Land of the Free Studios, Inc. and all persons involved with the company and its websites are non-culpable for your actions.

Send submissions to:

Land of the Free Publication F.A.Q. and Info:

Where should I send my articles?

You should email your articles to You should start your subject line with “submission” so that we know what it is.

This email IS ONLY for article submissions and abuse of this address by people for other purposes will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

What are my chances of getting published?

Currently The Land of the Free receives about thirty (30) to fifty (50) submissions a day. Currently we publish between four (4) and ten (10) each day. That means about 8% to 30% of submissions are accepted. Sure, we COULD be like other sites that publish everything that hits our inbox, but that isn’t what we are about.

Most of the submissions that are rejected are not really articles but press releases sent by someone looking for publicity, one paragraph commentaries, non-conservative in nature (i.e. liberals demanding “equal time”), and so on.

How can I increase my chances of getting published?

Just follow some simple rules:
1. Submit regularly. Priority publication is given to regular contributors. If we receive 10 articles (2 from regular authors and 8 from new authors) about Topic X making the same or similar points we will always lean in favor of our established authors.
2. Be right of center. Remember, The Land of the Free is a site for conservative and libertarian articles.
3. Do not attack another author published on this site! You can disagree with them and write an article refuting them, but blatant hit pieces will NOT be published.
4. Be original. Simply regurgitating what you heard on a talk radio show will be easily known because every time Rush or Hannity says something profound we get bunches of articles using the exact same analogies and points. It’s THAT obvious.
5. Racism, sexism, etc. is not tolerated, nor are they conservative principles. Any article containing such crap will be sent directly into the circular file.
6. PROOFREAD your work! Hey, everyone writes fragments, makes spelling errors, concocts run-on sentences and has MSWord thinks it knows better what word you want and changes something that it shouldn’t without it being caught. But constant grammatical and spelling errors will result in your articles being rejected.
7. Write on diverse topics. We love experts! Don’t get us wrong. We have a couple of them and if you are an expert in economics or some other topic we have no problem with you writing solely about that topic. But if every single article you write is an a rant about illegal immigrants (even though highly justified) making the same point over and over and painfully over again, you will have fewer and fewer (if any) articles published. On this same note do not include the same “wrap-up” or “lead in” in every commentary. If the last paragraph or two of every article, regardless of topic, contains the same wrap-up about how you are fed up with X, Y or Z and so on you decrease your chances of getting published.
8. DO NOT get upset when your work is rejected. If you ask for clarification on why your article was rejected and do not like the answer, entering into a fit of rage and spouting off about a “neo-con conspiracy”, “evil Zionists” or some other such crap will result in your work never being considered again for publication.
9. Write actual articles. DO NOT write “blog” type posts. DO NOT send “press releases”. DO NOT submit work by other authors with one sentence from you. A paragraph is NOT an article. Three paragraphs taken from a CNN news report with two lines of comments from you is NOT an article. If you wish to write “blog” style postings check out our brother site The American Conservative Daily Blog and apply for inclusion there.

What is Guest Authors status and why do I have it?

When you have your first article accepted to the Land of the Free you will be granted the status of “Guest Author” and your article will appear under the tag of “Guest Authors”. Do not worry. In the article your byline will still be present. It will just show ups as “By: Guest Authors” in our feeds and database.

This is done because of the number of “one and done” submissions we receive where an author submits a single article never to be heard from again. You can understand how this would greatly inflate the size of our author’s list if we granted everyone immediate full author status.

In order to be granted full author status and your own archives on this site as of March 31st, 2007 you must demonstrate that you are a regular author publishing quality opinions on a continual basis (i.e. every day, every week, every month, etc.). After you have four (4) articles accepted and published you may be granted your own archives section and no longer be considered a “Guest Author”.

If you are established internet author and can demonstrate that you have a track record of regular publications you may ask for immediate full author status in your initial submission. Sometimes we also make this decision on our own as well.

In what format should I submit articles?

You can submit your articles as emails and/or as attachments. We prefer that attachments are in either MSWord or WordPerfect formats.

Please, please, PLEASE, and we cannot emphasize this enough, include any required HTML markup (bold, italics, blockquotes, links, etc.) in your submission. It makes it much easier. And yes, there are simply times where we have rejected articles based solely on the fact that they had a lot of code that was required and that was not included and we did not have the time to do all the editing.

What is the article backlog and how do I get URGENT submissions published sooner?

The Land of the Free is committed to publishing quality content every single day. In order to do this we maintain an article back log of approximately two to four days to ensure steady flow. We are not like some sites that simply publish every article we get in an attempt to simply grow by sheer number of pages and quite frankly a lot of what we receive is crap. In fact there are whole days that go by where everything that is submitted is crap! Sometimes that inbox really smells bad!

This means that if you submit an article on Monday and it is accepted it may be published on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday or even Thursday. It also means that we attempt to have a variety of topics discussed each day. So if the hot issue is illegal immigration and we get five quality articles on illegal immigrants from different authors on Monday there is a high probability that these articles will be spread out over the course of the week.

Understanding this article backlog is important! Because understanding this helps you realize that just because your article is not published the day you submit it does not mean that it has been rejected.

If you are writing about a timely topic such as a vote in the Senate that will take place tomorrow or other such event that is time sensitive it is important that you mark your submission with the word “URGENT”. However DO NOT use this descriptor simply to try and get your articles published faster if they are about general topics. Doing such will not looked upon kindly.

Will you edit my articles for me?

The Land of the Free MAY correct minor grammatical and spelling errors but we do NOT do full scale editing. PLEASE make sure you proofread your work carefully before submitting as poor grammar and spelling is a reason for us to decline to publish your work.

The Land of the Free DOES however reserve the right to change the article title for any reason if we believe a more accurate description is warranted and to aid with SEO, and other concerns.

The Land of the Free DOES also reserve the right to remove sections of an article that:

- our editors believe are not needed or strays from the original point of the article (i.e. nonsensical rants, etc.).
- are factually inaccurate in an otherwise well written article but that will not change the point of the article (i.e. you claim X% of people are Y and the actual number is significantly different).
- simply do not make any sense

This type of editing occurs very infrequently and is done solely to provide the highest quality of content for our readers.

Do you notify authors of publication?

Be aware that as of 3/31/2007 authors will NO LONGER receive notification as to whether or not their articles were accepted or declined. If you want to see if your article was accepted, simply search the site. If your article was NOT published you may ask for a clarification as to why ( but DO NOT submit it again and again unedited asking for it to be published in the same state that it was rejected. This will be considered spamming and will result in future article submissions being treated in a negative manner. And yes we have banned a couple authors in the past for doing this.

Also be aware that sometimes just because your article does not appear in our archives does not mean it was rejected. We have very complex spam filters set up and sometimes you might trigger one by accident. Sometimes we simply have not received it. And every now and again we have a computer failure or something that causes the loss of a small amount of emails and other information.

Why was my article rejected?

Some reasons for articles being rejected include but are not limited to:
- Not a Conservative or Libertarian based point of view
- Convoluted viewpoint (example: arguing that oppressive government control actually promotes freedom)
- Similar to an article recently posted to the point where duplicating it would be redundant
- Similar to an article currently being written for this site and that we are aware of. Your intellectual property will be protected and not duplicated or incorporated and in such case we may accept to publish your article but not until a certain time has passed to avoid redundancy.
- Promotes a stand on Abortion less stringent than the position of our benevolent dictator. What is his position you ask? Read All Men Created Equal. This position is NON-negotiable! It is non-negotiable because it is right.
- Your work is found to contain inaccuracies or to be plagiarized from another source
- Your article is simply an advertisement for a site or cause providing no real information except to promote that site or cause
- Contains gross factual inaccuracies. Opinions are what we are about, but you have to have them rooted in facts.
- Basically being nothing more than a rant
- Poor grammar

If one my articles is rejected does that mean you will not publish me ever?

If a piece of work is rejected, it does not mean that all future work will also be rejected. Rejection or approvals are made on an article by article basis and NOT on an author by author basis unless that author has ticked off the editors by being disrespectful or constantly ignoring the guidelines discussed here. If you have 100 articles published and then have one rejected do not take it personally.

Once again, thank you for considering submission of your work to The Land of the Free. Please click on the icon below and include the word “Submission” in your Subject line. Once again, please remember that by submitting an article you agree that it is your own work and retain all responsibility for plagiarism, slander, etc.

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