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When Disagreement Is "Hate" by Jeff Jackson (1/05/04)
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During the decade of the 1990s, it became fashionable for the loyalists in the Democratic Party to simply dismiss any and all criticism of former President Clinton as simply "Clinton Bashing".  It did not matter the source of the criticism or its validity.  It was simply "bashing" as Clinton supporters struggled to find excuses.

If you felt that the tax increase promoted by then President Clinton was wrong and against his campaign pledges you were "bashing".  If you disagreed that it was ok for a sitting President to get sexual favors from an intern in the Oval Office while on the taxpayer's dime you were "bashing".  If you thought that there was something fishy about the activities in the White House Travel Office you were "bashing".  And on it went for eight years.

Unable to even confront legitimate concerns these loyalists wished everything away as mean spirited, hate and "bashing" of the President.  I saw it and was often accused of it because of my views so I know quiet a bit about being labeled a "basher".  Now, we have entered a new phase.  This new phase is called "Bush bashing".  And what, pray tell has gotten myself and other conservatives labeled as "Bush Bashers" among our friends and on the internet?  The answer is four key things.

First, myself and others have dared to suggest that President Bush promoting and helping to pass the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill into Law constituted a major and inexcusable sin against the founding principles of this nation by clearly violating the "Congress shall make no law" standard in the first Amendment concerning restrictions on free speech.  But pointing out such a scar against the founding documents that "conservatives" often claim to support is "Bush Bashing".

Second, myself and others have dared to suggest that President Bush promoting and helping to pass the Prescription Drug reform to Medicare was yet another sin against the founding principles of this nation and furthers socialism at the expense of Liberty.  But pointing out such a thing which "conservatives" would cry foul about if a Democrat had done it is now "Bush Bashing".

Thirdly, myself and others have dared to challenge the still only proposed plans to grant migrant workers from countries like Mexico some sort of legal status dispite past refusals to abide by our laws.  We have asked for a more sensible approach to the situation than an "amnesty" program and the like which was initially proposed.  But pointing out that we need to be worried about the security of our boarders in a time of terrorism and our sovereignty at a time when the majority of Mexicans believe that the southwest United States belongs to them is now "Bush Bashing".

But to be fair, each of these first three points has not drawn the ire of all those that are quick to label myself and others as "Bush Bashers".  It certainly has been enough to draw out enough of these name callers who are soft-conservatives at best but what has really, really got the "Bush Bashing" labelers out of their rockers has been statements to the effect of if President Bush continues to have such blatant disregard for our Constitutional underpinnings I may, just may, vote for someone else on election day 2004 if a candidate becomes available who is more in line with true conservative values AND is willing to support them at every turn.

And that has done it.  It has brought out the worst in "conservatives" who are more worried about seeing a man with an (R) next to his name in the White House than the conservative system of beliefs.  Now, you are a "Bush Basher" if, heaven forbid, you do not vote for the Republican Candidate.

Usually the limp wristed arguments against you for daring to say that you will exercise your Liberty and right to vote how you please are "If you don't vote for Bush, Dean will win and he is much worse" and "Who else will you vote for?  TELL US NOW!" and "But look at all the good things he has done [followed by list of impressive accomplishments including his stance on partial birth abortions to taking care of Iraq once and for all]."

To which the standard responses must be "You don't know that if I choose to vote for someone that Bush will loose to Dean or even who the President's major opposition will be yet." and "I never said I WAS going to NOT vote for President Bush.  However ask me on election day once I actually get to see who is running and make my choice" and "I have given him credit for all those things and never said that he had not done good things."

But I am reminded of some very wise words.  "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security" - Benjamin Franklin
.  And we are in that position.  Yes, President Bush has made us safer by taking the war to the terrorists that would destroy this Nation and granted us "temporary security", he has also lead the charge on our rights to free speech and promoting socialism and infringed upon "an essential liberty".

And as conservatives we must hold him accountable and let him know that we are displeased with those actions because they were warned against by our founding fathers who are much more intelligent than the "conservatives" who would throw out "Bush Bashing" as a slur to describe what I and others say.

Would Dean or another Socialist be worse?  Most certainly.  However baby steps towards oblivion are still steps towards oblivion.  And if there is one thing that we can plainly see from history it is that we never seem to go back and undo those steps.  Instead we continue to travel down the path to oblivion. Sometimes we do it slowly, and sometimes we do it more quickly.  But in the end we do not stray from the path.

It is time that we draw the line and choose sides in this battle and that is something that many "conservatives" do not want to be held to.  You are either with us and the principles of the Founding Fathers and this Republic, or you are against us.  And President Bush needs to know that he may very well loose the votes of true constitutionalist conservatives otherwise he will have no incentive to prevent future missteps upon the Constitution.

The side you choose is up to you.  And it is time to choose.

If pointing out the flaws of this President is "Bashing" in your mind, then so be it.  The blood of this fine Republic will be on your hands when the ax falls and your rights are whittled away to nothing at the expense of "temporary security".

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