Richard Roeper — A Bush Basher Who’s Annoyed With me

By: Warner Todd Huston

On Feb 14th, Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Richard Roeper, wrote one of his columns about the fact that Chicago White Sox Manager, Ozzie Guillen, did not accompany the team on their visit to the White House.

He used this occasion not solely to write in support of the ball player, but as a vehicle to attack George W. Bush, saying in part: “…I just couldn’t shake hands and smile with President Bush”.

(See Roeper’s columns here: Lay off Ozzie: Sometimes you can’t pay your respects )

I have little interest in Roeper’s column here, however, as it is prosaic in its Bush bashing. Roeper is a Hollyweird wannbe after all. No, what this column is interested in is the thankfully short correspondence that Mr. Roeper and I had over his column.

Three little emails (two from me and one from him) reveals so very much about the both of us, to be sure.

After reading his bashing attempt, meant to ingratiate him with the Hollyweird set no doubt, I dashed off my own little missive to let Mr. Roeper know of my displeasure — taking advantage of the same freedom Mr. Roeper indulges in for a living I might add; opining.

Here is my initial message:

Feb 14, 2006
1:03 PM

Mr. Roeper,

You know, I listed to you on the radio for years as fill in host here and there (on Chicago radio). I have watched you with Mr. Ebert and considered your “reviews” since you got on the show. I never read many of your columns (in the Sun Times), but I did read them occasionally.

I always felt you were a little too much an “anti-male”. Too “fey” if you will. A pseudo intellectual who fancied himself a Midwestern version of Jerry Seinfeld. I feel your reviews are overreaching and you fancy yourself somehow a reviewer for the ages (That ridiculous Curious George review is a fine example of that — Don’t you even KNOW what movies can be FOR??). But, all that is as it may. And, at this point I have come to expect that you think far more of yourself than you deserve to.

I have to say, though, that you have now crossed the line. Your disrespect for the president of the United States is palpable and quite disgusting. You and your ilk are dangerous to this country, appeasers and terror supporters all.

I could barely stand you before. Now that is complete. Welcome to the club with Michael Moore, Hitler, and so many more.

Mr. Ebert will still get my patronage with his column (though I disagree with his politics as well). But you will not.

Yours, Warner Todd Huston
Chicago, ILL

OK. The Hitler reference was absurd, I have to admit. Passion got the better of me. But the rest I stand by, with apologies for the Adolfism.

Here is what Mr. Roeper replied with

Feb 14, 2006
your name is warner todd huston, and you’re calling ME fey? now that’s funny.
i didn’t get past that line, but thanks for your comments.
richard roeper

Wow. It must have been too tiring for him to employ proper grammar, much less formulate a a cogent and adult response. And I am surprised that a man as egocentric as he didn’t take the time to capitalize the I‘s in his reply! I suppose laziness can top ego, though.

But the amazing thing about this reply is the fact that it came from a man who makes his living from words. This playground taunt came from a man who is supposed to be a writer. Making fun of a name? Maybe someone forgot to mention to him that he has too many e’s in his last name? (ba bump)

You have to hand him one thing, however. He did use the proper “you’re” in the first sentence, instead of using “your” as the word is commonly misused. Props for that ‘un, Richie.

Oh, I suppose that Mr. Roeper might say something to the effect that he didn’t want to “waste his time“ writing me, or didn’t feel that my letter to him was “important enough“ to reply to substantively. But, wouldn’t it have behooved him to just forget I even wrote him and not reply at all instead of making himself look the fool like this?

I mean, I have to assume he can write … unless he has an awfully overworked editor?

Anyway, I think my reply says it all in much simpler terms:

Feb 14, 2006

Wow, substantive comments there. Make fun of a guy’s name! So much for your pseudo-intellectual efforts!

Have a nice day.


Anyway, I just thought it was instructive for Americans to see what these pseudo-intellectuals think about the rest of us. Don’t worry too much about it though. They are losing their battle to make us all like the french!

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