Republicans are Now Democrats…

By: David Tatosian

Two weeks ago, an article entitled ‘Internet Media Gets The Nod In Rove’s 2006 Game plan’ laid out some details of Mr. Rove’s intention to enlist the aid of some well known bloggers to help promote the Republican agenda.

As if on cue, the Dubai duplicity bubbled and roiled out of the caldron.

Now, Americans who oppose this latest example of White House intransigence are being subjected to the same sort of hysteria and name calling, from Republican partisans, that the liberals and Democrats have become infamous for.

Xenophobic and racist, epithets heretofore reserved for those objecting to Bush’s support of a suicidal open borders policy, are now bestowed upon Americans who object to an Islamic presence at our ports.

Apparently these Republicans are unconcerned about the murderous xenophobia and racism against Jews, Christians and non-Muslims perpetrated by the Muslims they are currently enamored of.

Like the liberals and the Democrats, Republican acolytes now tell us we just don’t understand the nuanced complexities of this latest globalization shaft. Our stubborn refusal to embrace the presence of our enemies on our own soil might result in hurt feelings. They insist we are isolationists and isolationism is bad for commerce.

In what has to be one of the most disgusting and outrageous statements ever uttered, Republicans and their hacks point out that the Brits, the very definition of steadfast ally for well over a century that includes two world wars, are just as prone to terrorist attack and therefore no less vulnerable or suspect, in operating our ports, as the Muslims of the UAE would be. They cite Richard Reid and the subway bombings to illustrate their point.

For Republicans, like Democrats, allies can be bartered, sold or discarded for whatever is expedient.

Republican stalwarts are now shouting that Democrat opposition to the Dubai port deal is no more than an election year ploy to garner attention and votes for this coming November.

But it’s an election year for the Republicans too isn’t it? How else to explain the high drama of HR 4437, a bill that will surely meet an ugly end, if not in the Senate, then certainly at the hand of Mr. Bush’s newly discovered veto pen.

Certainly there is animosity and resentment, and it is not only on both sides of the isle. The same applies to the pundits, partisans, chattering classes and the rest of us. However, shouldn’t Republicans be joining forces with Democrats instead of obstructing the will of the American people in trying to stop a president who becomes more and more imperial with each passing day? These same politicians managed to work together long enough to give themselves raises and pass bills dripping bacon grease. What’s the problem?

Surely there is legitimate cause for concern.

We have a president who feels Islam needs to be flattered, placated and bribed so they’ll like us when a horizontal butt stroke would be far more efficacious.

Think not?

In February 1982, the Muslim Brotherhood, a notorious terrorist group, led a major insurrection in Hama, Syria rapidly taking control of the city. Hafez al-Assad , President of Syria, responded by bombing Hama throughout the rest of the month, killing between 10,000 and 30,000 people. This marked the end of Muslim Brotherhood savagery in Syria.

For Islam, murder, massacre and genocide are all legitimate tools in the governing toolbox.

Trying to befriend people like this is like going into a cage full of plague infested rats wearing a cheese coat with “moron” written across your forehead.

Mr. Bush and his Republicans are frightened at the prospect of lost monies? Perhaps they’re concerned Islam might take it’s business elsewhere?

Well, in an op ed piece in the Saudi Arabian ‘Arab News’ titled ‘Nice Doggie’, Amr Al-Faisal adjusts his skirts and huffs, “…Ever since the US began its so-called war on terror billions of dollars of investments belonging to Arabs and Muslims have fled the US economy. The main beneficiaries of this capital flight have been European countries…”

In light of the French Muslim riots, the Muslim cartoon riots, the Muslim subway bombings and the Muslim butchery of Theo Van Gogh; is the fleeing of Saudi blood money a bad thing? And wouldn’t the sun shine a little bit brighter if the Saudis themselves were to flee our shores? Forever?

Our Republicans and Democrats need to show the American people they can get beyond these internecine squabbles and focus on the real issue at hand. And that issue is our survival.

Would we hand over operation of our airports to Muslims? Nope.

Why are our ports any less critical?

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