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March 2, 2006

Street named for Would-Be Cop Killer in Chicago

The bluer Illinois gets the more obscene and ridiculous it turns. This week some doosies came to light, too. All in a few news cycles, Illinois sponsored bills to make Pot legal anddestroy industry in the state . And, not to be outdone, the Governor decided to send every Illinois child to preschool, even though he had not a penny in the budget for it — no that wasn’t just a naked election ploy, eh?

The Same Old Song And Dance

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood - 02 Mar 2006

This past Monday, CBS, otherwise known as See? BS!, Al-Jazeera West, and the Corrupt Broadcasting System, proved once again that it is nothing but a shameless propaganda tool of the Democrat party, by releasing the results of a poll it rigged… uh…conducted recently showing that President Bush’s popularity rating has plummeted to an all-time low of 34 percent.