Street named for Would-Be Cop Killer in Chicago

By: Warner Todd Huston

The bluer Illinois gets the more obscene and ridiculous it turns. This week some doosies came to light, too. All in a few news cycles, Illinois sponsored bills to make Pot legal anddestroy industry in the state . And, not to be outdone, the Governor decided to send every Illinois child to preschool, even though he had not a penny in the budget for it — no that wasn’t just a naked election ploy, eh?

But the best one occurred early this week; Chicago City Alderman, Madeline Haithcock (2nd district), sponsored a City ordinance to rename a street to “Chairman Fred Hampton Way”.

It has long been a practice for Alderman to grease the ego of certain members of the City’s high and mighty to rename sections of its street and avenues after some cherished Chicagoan. It is a rather silly and pointless gesture that causes expense for no other reason than to fill the pockets of Chicago Aldermen with campaign contributions, and has been going on for decades.

But, the program, which has now come under fire, is not the issue as much as who is being “honored” with this week’s faux monument being raised on the streets of Chicago. And if you know who “Chairman” Fred Hampton is you’d know why it is a controversial memorial.

I’ll start by giving you a few examples of this wonderful honoree’s speeches:

“You put your hands on that program mother—— and I’ll blow your mother——- brains out” –Hampton to the Chicago police, April 1969, talking about the Panther’s false front “community outreach program”

“I’m not afraid to say I’m at war with the pigs,” –Hampton to the Chicago Sun-Times, 1969
( source )

Can’t you just feel the literary style, the powerful oratory that will stand the test of decades. Sure, it ain’t no prosaic “I have a dream”, but his erudition has snap, don’t you think?

But these two short quotes, as snappy as they are, is just a little taste. You see, as “Chairman” of Chicago’s Black Panthers, Hampton gave many speeches where he urged blacks to kill police officers, claimed to wish armed insurrection against the USA, supported Marxism, and told blacks that they were supposed to be a master race of some kind or another. In short he was an insurrectionist that advocated violence and murder as well as the overthrow of the country.

And, of course, it is well known that the Black Panthers were murderers, drug dealers, gunrunners, pimps and general thugs masquerading as a political movement. This, then, was Hampton’s cause.

As it turned out, Mr. Hampton didn’t get a whole lot of time for further criminal activities because the Illinois State’s Attorney’s office sent a hit squad into his headquarters and killed him and a few of his followers. It is said that he was assassinated by that squad from the state and I would have to agree with that assessment.

Still Hampton was a thug, advocated murder, and belonged to one of the most vile, dangerous, crime ridden organizations of the 1960s. Two wrongs do not make a right, for sure.

So, this thug, who Alderman Madeline Haithcock wants to bestow the legitimacy of the title “chairman” upon, this advocate of murder, this representative of criminals and cretins, this man is the person that is to be “honored” by having a street named after him.

Now, and this might seem shocking to you, butFraternal Order of Police President Mark Donahue finds this ordinance offensive. Imagine that? A Chicago Policeman who is offended that a man who advocated that Chicago Policemen be murdered enmasse is offended. Go figure.

But there you have it. A City Alderman wants to name a street after a criminal.

Even sadder, the person who’s name is to be unceremoniously yanked from the signs so that “Chairman” Freddie can have his place in the sun is just some old dead white guy named James Monroe. Rumor has it that he was president ‘er something.

Yes, Illinois just gets more obscene and ridiculous every day.

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