Tell me again where do we live?

By: Carolyn Hileman

On March 03, 2006 I could have sworn we had been turned into a dictatorship, maybe we really live in Iran, China or one of those other places. Surely in the great United States of America when you own a store that is not subsidized by the government you can decide what you sell in your own store. But of course as of today we know that those words are no longer true.

Today if a State tells you that you must stock a product whether you wish to or not you must stock that product, if they tell you that you must supply insurance for your employers then you must. This tells me that we are no longer a free country, we no longer have control over our destiny, no that belongs to some unnamed faces who decide when and what we may do or sell in this great country of ours.

It has been decided by people who never put one penny into the Wal-Mart businesses what they must sell, today it is the plan B pill tomorrow it will be X-rated tapes and DVD’s. Why, because these states have now found out that the American people could care less about what happens to our major companies.

That is right, you will not be offended when you walk into Wal-Mart and have to pass by X-rated videos, and after all it isn’t much different than having to pass by the CD’s that promote hate and violence. I mean really what does it matter that their rights are being stripped before our very eyes? I mean really they are that evil company that saves Americans money and gives to people who were hurt by all of the major hurricanes.

Today we are no longer the great United States of America we are an annex of Massachusetts, we must go by their rules and not our own. We must subscribe to their viewpoint or risk loosing all of the money we put into a business. We must walk away from the property we bought, we must just eat the money it took to build the store and stock it. We must walk away or bow down; we must give them the sole right to decide how we run our business.

When it comes to the day and it will that we no longer have any say about our lives, when our every move is dictated by the government remember Wal-Mart and our silence when their rights were being stripped away… Tell me again, where do we live?

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