Peace Advocate Hostage Killed — Should He Have known?

By: Warner Todd Huston

There was a nut case named Timothy Treadwell who fancied himself a modern Grizzly Adams. He was a troubled young man, a drug addict with many troubles in his short life.

He became fascinated with the idea of living among the brown bears of the Alaskan wilderness apparently as some sort of homemade therapy to ease his troubled mind. For several years he trekked to this wild place and talked to the bears filming, himself as he did so. He imagined they knew him and were his “friends”.

In the end, he and his equally troubled girl friend, were eaten alive by the very bears that they thought were their “friends”. He should have expected it. Bears are not cuddly stuffed animals. They are the most powerful and savage creatures of their world. They have no use for touchy-feely nuts from California cooing and talking baby talk to them. They have one-track minds. Kill and eat. That’s it. It isn’t too complicated.

Late last year a group of anti-American “Christians” went to Iraq to coo and talk baby talk to the radical Islamists who have been kidnapping and chopping off the heads of their enemies.

As soon as they got to Iraq, three of them were kidnapped by the very people these peace advocates had come to Iraq to speak for.

Today they found the body of Tom Fox, a member of that Christian Peace group that went to Iraq to display solidarity with the Islamofascist insurgents.

Fox wrote an essay about why he was going to Iraq just before he was taken by those who he was ostensibly there to speak for. In part it said, “We are here to root out all aspects of dehumanization that exists within us. We are here to stand with those being dehumanized by oppressors and stand firm against that dehumanization”.

In other words, he is against the United States of America. And he went to Iraq to stand in solidarity with the murderous thugs that ended up being his executioners.

Of course, it is horrible to see people murdered in such a violent and pointless way. But the question just begs to be asked:

Should Fox and his anti-American crew have known better? Didn’t he, in the end, get what he should have realized he would get? He walked naked among bears, cooing and talking baby talk as those bears went about doing what everyone knows that they are going to do despite someone’s “understanding” of them! They are murders, thugs and terrorists. They have no use for people like Fox who are not in touch with reality.

This is not to say that Fox somehow “deserved” what he got, of course. What I am saying is that Fox got what he should have realized he would get if he were a sane person.

But, his hate-America mentality precluded good sense and it led to his pointless death.

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