Tossing Red Meat To The Mob?

By: David Tatosian

Referring to the passage of 4437 in the house, Ruben Navarette dismisses those “Fire breathing house Republicans” as having cornered the market on silliness, sideshows and sound bites.

Mr. Navarette thinks walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, denying citizenship to anchor babies or turning local police into “surrogate immigration agents” are all outlandish proposals.

In fact, Navarette considers those proposals no more than, “…tossing red meat to the mob…”

American citizens, who faxed, emailed, phoned and organized at the grass roots level, who are directly responsible for turning the normally timid and compliant Republicans into those fire breathers Navarette dismisses, and who availed themselves of the legal means at their disposal to achieve congressional response are, in Mr. Navarette’s keen analysis, no better than a mob.

I find this assertion a little puzzling.

Wouldn’t Hispanic illegal aliens who’ve jumped the borders and turned their collective backs on the laws, morals and social customs of the country in which they hide, and whose crime rate is disproportionately high to boot, be a more accurate description of a mob?

I think it would.

So why would Mr. Navarette, a Harvard graduate, so notably misapply the term?

The answer becomes apparent once we figure out who comprises that mob he refers to.
And I don’t think Mr. Navarette is referring to the Chinese, Jamaicans or Hmong.

Rather, I believe Mr. Navarette, his illegal alien and business friends, the Catholic church, MALDEF, LULAC and other race based organizations know exactly who’s in that mob.

And the mob is us. Those of us of European and African descent. You know, Americans.

But the Hispanic race card trumps all others.

The problem in adhering to an ideology based on race is the inherent separatist and exclusionary nature of the beast.

It is in fact, no more than a tribal mentality that lends itself to suspicion, hatred and excess. As such, it impedes innovation, creativity and the progress to a just society.

The U.S. Constitution affirms the right of all its citizens to succeed or fail within its uniquely American context irrespective of race, creed or religion.

Nowhere does it promote the rights of one race, creed or religion over another.

Nor does it grant special rights, privileges or immunity from the laws to illegal aliens.

Yet our politicians, businesses and unaccountable judiciary continue to grant those illegitimate rights, privileges and immunities to more than 20 million illegal aliens, of whom we know nothing.

This fact should be of concern to all Americans.

That the same group heaps special favor upon the 11-12 million Mexican illegal aliens is further proof that our government cannot be trusted to execute the laws with impartiality, and cannot be entrusted with the safety of the American people.

The Mexican illegal aliens, with no concept of our Constitution or individual rights, beyond their “right” to free medical care and schooling for their offspring, introduce and impose their third world culture within our borders.

Just as all things are not of equal worth, so all cultures are not of equal worth.

The history of the United States is a proud one. The accomplishments as a result of our adherence to equal justice before the law and the commitment to individual rights has given humankind some of its greatest gifts and technological advances.

In the same period, Mexican contributions to humankind have been largely nonexistent.

Mexican cuisine doesn’t justify their illegal presence in the country. Saving contractors, meatpackers and restaurants a few dollars an hour in salaries doesn’t justify our descent into third world status.

It is worth noting that the Mexicans, in their racial hatred of us, don’t feel their actions are criminal or immoral. They erroneously believe our country belongs to them. They consider their illegal and unwelcome presence here to be a duty. Their frightened government assures them they are patriots in the fight for their land.

They are dangerously deluded.

By encouraging them, our elected officials and judiciary not only diminish American citizenship; they attempt to eliminate our rich and proud history by imposing a foreign culture and language upon us.

Promoting and enforcing Hispanic racial solidarity over the constitution and the equal application of the law is not only criminal it is suicide.

Mr. Bush and friends may very well continue to ignore us as thousands more illegal aliens cross into our country daily.

He and his elected friends may delay and obfuscate, as is their wont.

But the time is fast approaching when he will either support his Mexican friends or us.

It is incumbent upon Americans to speak out against this perversion of our laws, constitution and culture.

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