Acts of God

By: Patti Bankson

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis… raw power beyond our control, leaving behind unimaginable destruction, even death. I often hear people call those things Acts of God. Hearing that always reminds me how easily people see God in the bad things that happen, but miss seeing Him in the good.

- Shirley Robins had recently had two cardiac arrests and had just returned from the hospital with other health problems. She was unable to drive, had no A/C, no phone, no husband (he was deceased), no children and nowhere to turn for help during an August 2003 blackout in Michigan. Then Lisa Ramos showed up at her door and insisted on taking Robins home with her to care for her. Robins was given a son’s bedroom in the cool basement, while Ramos and her family slept in a spare room. Ramos and Robins had met once, briefly, before that night. As a result of the stranger’s kindness and compassion, Robins says she was able to make it through the night.

- Someone wrote this after reading a “Daily Acts of Kindness” web page: “It said I should buy something for someone and just put the gift on their desk…without needing to be acknowledged for it and without expecting any recognition. As I sat in my office thinking about that idea and how wonderful it would feel to do that, a friend of mine walked into my office and handed ME a gift. My friend said, “Here, this is for you, just thought you might like to have it.” The gift was a great book that I had wanted to buy for myself but was too expensive for me. I just sat there not knowing what to say. My friend had already walked out of my office, evidently not needing to be thanked. Wow, what a feeling!! And what timing!”

- During one of the cruises on which we’d taken a group, we stopped at a row of vendors’ huts along a Dominican Republic road. Because we stopped there almost every week, we knew the vendors, but had gotten closer to a young 13-year-old boy. He always rushed out to greet us, staying with us from the moment we got off the bus, until we got back on again. One day, as he stood closely next to my husband talking, Dennis reached out and put his arm around the boy’s shoulders. I expected the usual teenage male reaction – recoil. Instead, he leaned away a little, looked intently into my husband’s face, then leaned back and laid his head on my husband’s shoulder for just a brief moment, a look of joy on his face. Not a big deal to my husband, but obviously just what that particular fatherless boy needed at that particular time.

Catastrophes. Acts of God? No. What you just read are Acts of God – God in Action.

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