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March 17, 2006

Capital Punishment Is Still Pro-Life

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,Our Laws - 17 Mar 2006

“Kill them all, let God sort them out.” That was the saying displayed defiantly on the T-shirt of the ex-Marine I was working with. Obviously, that is well beyond an extreme position in terms of respect for the sanctity of life.

Eighty-Sixing 1836: Why Isn’t “Houston” Offensive Too?

There must be dozens of good reasons not to name a Major League Soccer team Houston 1836. Concern that it might upset Mexicans is not among them. Nevertheless, that’s the reason that was given by team president Oliver Luck. “After it was clear we’d hit a raw nerve in the community, we didn’t want to offend anybody,” he explained.

Partito Nostro: Doing Business with the Clinton Syndicate

In the final years of the Clinton Presidency, Hollywood producer and entrepreneur, Peter Paul, attempted to recruit outgoing President Bill Clinton to take a seat on the Board of Directors of Stan Lee Media, the innovative on-line animation company Paul co-founded in 1999.

TV Evangelist Pat Robertson and Muhammad – Do They Think Alike

The information age has produced two very distinct groups of people. It could be said that one group is a bit more grounded and better informed than the other. What makes the difference between these two groups?

Wave Bye-Bye to Freedom and Human Rights in Venezuela

On the heels of a report of human rights violations by the Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez, a story that is getting minimal coverage in the elite media, Reporters Without Borders is criticizing Chavez for jailing a television news reporter who criticized him.

The Two Faces of Democrat Presidential Politics

Shortly after this year’s elections, the 2008 presidential race will begin in earnest. This means that among Democrat politicians, the venom and bile being spewed against President Bush will only increase. But at some crucial point, it must be redirected from the outgoing president to any Republican “rising star.”