Bad Doctors = Bad Medicine

By: Carolyn Hileman

Maybe it is because I am up at 2.00 AM, in pain that never should have been. Maybe it is because I have seen more than my fair share of quacks. But tonight or should I say this morning I am going to get personal. I have gotten to the point I really do not trust doctors other than the one my children use, he is a good man and I wish there were a lot more like him. Unfortunately there isn’t.

I have had one doctor almost kill me by putting me on blood thinners when all I had was a really bad ear infection, causing me to become severely vitamin B depleted. I have had several doctors up to that point tell me I needed to see this neurologist because of dizzy spells and passing out, even though the whole time I was telling them my ear was stopped up and I could not hear out of it. They would simply look in and tell me it was fine.

Last year after several years of procrastinating I finally had knee surgery, everyone told me of the new advances and how easy it would be. First of all I had knee surgery 20 years before and was scared to death of the thought, but a fall just before Christmas of 2005 convinced me I had to get help so I gave in. That was a big mistake since as I sit here this morning I simply cannot sleep because the pain is so bad.

No I do not want your sympathy I am trying to make a point, while I agree that law suits have gotten way out of hand. I also believe that the doctors bring the high insurance rates on themselves. Either by being a doctor who does not have a clue what they are doing or by enabling a doctor who needs to have their license to practice stripped. We all know that there is a good ole’ boy network among doctors, kind of a code of silence if you will a code of silence that can injure and kill.

If they are keeping silent about a doctor who should not be practicing medicine and subjecting people to their brand of torture if not death then they deserve to pay the high insurance rates and have their practice ended as well. Their oath reads “first do no harm” if every day they go to their office aware that there is a doctor who is practicing that shouldn’t be they are not going by their oath and should suffer the consequences.

It is a sticky situation these law suits, on one hand you have those who sue just because it is easier than getting a job, then there are those who have really been injured who must sue because they have been damaged severely. There really is no easy solution, because if you punish those who abuse the law suits you in effect are hurting those who really need this avenue to seek justice. However simply allowing the current practice of hush, hush will kill or injure hundreds if not thousands per year because bad doctors = bad medicine.

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