Mark Souder votes against 3rd Congressional District, again…

By: Mike Sylvester

Mark Souder co-sponsored and voted in favor of another Bill in Congress that will allow the Federal government to extort the taxpayers of his own district!

HR 418 is a Bill that will allow the Federal Government to require all citizens of this great country to carry a National Identification card; this is scary enough by itself. You will not be able to use Federal services unless you carry this ID card with you. Without this card, you will not be able to be a passenger on an airplane, get a problem with your Social Security account fixed, or deal with the countless other Federal agencies that exist.

This is enough to frighten many of the citizens of this country all by itself; but, it gets worse. If this bill is passed the Federal government will force the 50 states to issue driver’s licenses that comply with a new stack of Federal rules and regulations. These rules and regulations will make it much harder for law abiding tax payers to obtain a driver’s license from the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles (The BMV already has enough problems without making them comply with another pile of silly Federal regulations). This law will also require the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles to submit a bunch of information to the Federal government so they can maintain a massive database about the taxpayers of this country.

This is bad enough; but, it again gets worse. Guess who will pay for this stupid Federal scheme? The tax payers of Indiana! We have enough financial problems in this state as it is. Why is Mark Souder adding to them? I though he was supposed to be on our side? There are provisions in this Bill allowing the Federal government to withhold highway money until Indiana complies with these new Federal regulations. Mark Souder just voted for and co-sponsored a Bill that will allow the Federal government to EXTORT the taxpayers of his own district!

This Bill has not yet passed the Senate. Maybe we will get lucky and Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh will stand up for the state of Indiana and stop this expansion of the Federal government and prevent them from extorting us, again.

If you think HR 418 is a terrible idea please contact us. We can make a difference and we will keep doing our best to inform the taxpayers of this area of the continued expansion of the Federal government and the loss of States rights. You can reach me at or by phone at 260-338-0833. See us on the web at Enough is enough, join the Libertarian Party!

Mike Sylvester
Chairman of The Libertarian Party of Allen County
Fort Wayne

*Publication of this article should not be construed as an endorsement of the Libertarian Party by J.J. Jackson, this site ( or Land of the Free Studios, Inc.

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