Why I (Still) Love America

By: Leigh Patrick Sullivan

A strange thing is happening to conservative Canadians these days. For the first time ever, many right of centre voters are speaking out publicly against an American Republican government. While still basking in the afterglow of a minority federal Conservative victory, some supporters seem compelled to add the additional ‘…but I wouldn’t vote for Bush’ catch phrase that is in fashion north of the border.

Being a conservative is no longer spoken about only in hushed tones at the weekend dinner party. It is now more socially-acceptable than it has been in years. Yet, we still seem to buy in to the current anti-Americanism that permeates our country. From the media to the people on the street, the evil-doers from the south are portrayed in such a negative light that to have a contrary opinion categorizes you as ‘un-Canadian’. Well, my friends, we have a Conservative Prime Minister in Ottawa. We have a Conservative government in the economic powerhouse province of Alberta. If there was anytime that we shouldn’t shy away from being proud Conservatives, this is it.

I will officially claim, here and now, that I love America. I am in awe of the patriotism of it’s people, and of the unheralded contributions it makes to the world’s less fortunate. The fact that the United States kept my home protected throughout the Cold War is appreciated, and the sacrifices that America (as well as Canada) have made that resulted in the continued freedom of the Western world won’t be forgotten.

For those of you who are screaming: “What about Iraq?”, I respond by saying that I never cared if the Americans ever found WMDs or not. I understand, as so few of my countrymen do, that the real purpose of the war was to rid the world of one more potential threat to our safety and freedom; a war which would cause some in the Muslim world to make the decision between democracy and oppression. The Iraqi people are now closer to having a say in their own destiny than they ever had with Saddam in power. Democratic elections have been held – again, something new to an entire generation of Iraqi citizens. They have America to thank for that.

While Canadians struggle to keep their support of our troops in Afghanistan, the American people are strongly behind their armed forces. Many Canadians do not understand, or agree with, the reasons why our courageous men and women in uniform are fighting a war instead peacekeeping. They see our international role as solely that of a peacekeeper, yet we have forgotten how our peace was obtained. Which brings me to the real reason why I still love America:

Whereas Canadians take their freedom for granted, Americans of all political stripes have never forgotten the battles it took to get theirs. God bless them.

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