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March 24, 2006

We Shall Underwhelm

On the third anniversary of the Iraq War starting, people opposed to the war took the opportunity to once again tell the world just how wrong we were to start the war in the first place. But this year was different than last year. Oh, I’m sure some of the same people who came out last year were there, but this year there were fewer people. I’m not talking a drop off of a couple of people, either. The protest in New York City garnered a whopping 200 protestors. By contrast, 300 people gathered outside of the Naval Observatory, where Vice President Dick Cheney lives, and 200 protestors gathered in Salt Lake City, but only after a protestor text messaged friends to show up.

Democrats Still Bent on Destroying Country

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In yet another idiotic, country-damaging and self-destructive move, the New Mexico Democrat Party is calling for President Bush’s removal from office. Instead of citing anything that even remotely addresses anything that approaches “high crimes and misdemeanors”, the NM Democrat Party issued the statement that the call for the president’s removal is due to its “perceived abuses of power and corruption in the Bush administration.” That’s “perceived” abuses.the NM Democrat Party’s “perception”. It further amended the NM Democrat Party platform to include: “Resolved, that the Democratic Party of New Mexico supports the impeachment of President George Bush and his lawful removal from office.” Holy smokes! This is embarrassing and increasingly deranged behavior.

America In The Hands Of Angry Democrats

In stark but reliable simplicity, Republican successes of the past several decades can be directly correlated to the contrasts between their philosophy and agenda as compared to that of the Democrats. In the 1994 election cycle, differences between the two parties were clearly defined, and Republicans triumphed. Conversely whenever distinctions become blurred, Republican fortunes fall commensurately.

Candy From A Baby

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Like the racialist, the pandering multiculturalist, the homosexual hungry for converts and the shrill emptiness of feminism, the Mexican illegal aliens launched their depraved offensive against this nation upon our most vulnerable members; children.