Candy From A Baby

By: David Tatosian

Like the racialist, the pandering multiculturalist, the homosexual hungry for converts and the shrill emptiness of feminism, the Mexican illegal aliens launched their depraved offensive against this nation upon our most vulnerable members; children.

Where once high school and college students (and drop outs) could bus tables, scrub pots, flip burgers, move furniture or man a shovel, Mexican illegal aliens now fester.

When those young people pointed that fact out, their parents described the violence, hatred, ignorance and corruption that is, and has always been, the way of life in Mexico. Perhaps they said these illegal aliens are to be pitied, for theirs is a hard and brutish life.

Having said that, those parents no doubt suggested their children find employment elsewhere.

After all, we have so much to be thankful for, and those jobs are a first step, not a final destination.

The Mexican illegals smiled.

Word spread throughout the Mexican wasteland that the punk gringo would let his own blood do without before confronting their arrogant criminality.

Like taking candy from a baby.

Lacking the ability to innovate, bereft of even the most rudimentary moral foundation necessary for developing a society based on equality, justice or freedom, Mexico chooses to focus instead on their, and the St. Patricio Battalion’s, ignominious defeat at the hands of the United States 157 years ago.

So they continued to stream across our borders bringing their hatred, ignorance and wounded pride with them.

Candy wasn’t enough.

They took roofing jobs, dry walling jobs, truck driving jobs with bogus licenses, carpentry jobs, painting jobs, janitorial, hotel and restaurant jobs, all for a fraction of the going rate.

If they couldn’t institute the Plan of San Diego just yet, they could flood the market with their sub par skills and flood the country with their unwelcome and disinterested offspring.

As our government legislated the nation back down the evolutionary ladder, to accommodate the Mexican illegal aliens mired in their own bloody past, occasional alarms were sounded by individual Americans.

Americans who objected to having to conduct business in a language not their own, or Americans who objected to the special attention given to the children of invaders who exhibited no particular interest in education, while American children were ignored.

Over the years there was amnesty, the reshaping of congressional districts (to better represent the Mexican illegal aliens), in-state tuitions, the bankrupting of trauma centers, emergency rooms and hospitals, the resurgence of the plague and tuberculosis and the manipulation of laws and regulations in favor of illegal aliens.

Those same illegal aliens whose illegal and immoral presence in our country represents an unjust and parasitic imposition on American citizens.

And then 9/11 happened.

The normally docile and timid American citizens demanded protection and safety. They wanted border security.

It was at that precise moment that Mexico and its army of illegal aliens in the United States rose up on their hind legs and demanded the borders remain open and unregulated. Demanded more rights, more jobs, more educational opportunities, access to documents and identification and a path to American citizenship.

The American government was delighted at the prospect of further elevating their protected and much admired criminal element.

In response, American citizens bow and scrape, shuffle off to cast their votes for officials who have nothing but contempt for them and their children.

What a frightened and timid lot.

Even now, those elected charlatans pretend and play at addressing the illegal alien nightmare they themselves have unleashed upon the American citizen.

But it is no more than a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

When the founding fathers referred to a nation of laws, did they mean the unequal and perverted application of those laws in favor of foreign nationals illegally on our soil?

When they referred to the inalienable rights of the American citizen, did they really mean those rights could be waived by a profligate and amoral political class so as to bludgeon the American citizen into submission?

Did our patriots and veterans make their sacrifices so a degenerate and traitorous ruling class could maintain its death grip on our country?
Democrats and liberals would destroy us in their deranged quest for a government-enforced dystopia, while Republicans and conservatives would destroy us for a handful of dimes.

Without, Islam plans and continues its commitment to destroy us while our leaders offer them business opportunities in the heartland.

Within, the Mexican illegal alien awaits his opportunity.

The American citizens, despised by our own elected class, are now isolated and alone.

If we continue to support a government dedicated to our destruction, we are doomed.

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