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March 26, 2006

Liberals Interpret the Scriptures; The Gospel According to Marx

Is it only me or are there others who are sick and tired of Liberals quoting the Bible — or claiming to quote the Scriptures?

It’s as serious as Sen. Hillary Clinton using Scripture to defend illegal immigration and to slam the GOP immigration reform bill, or as silly as when environmentalists pose the question to Americans “would Jesus Christ drive an SUV?”

The ‘Triumph’ of Socialism

France, the birth-place of socialism, is now living socialism’s logical end-game.

Mobs in the streets of France, led by university students, are smashing store-fronts, burning automobiles, barricading streets, and their labor union buddies are threatening a syndicalist general strike.

Russians Gave Saddam US War Plans

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 26 Mar 2006

The Pentagon firmly believes that the Russian government gave Iraq President Saddam Hussein United States strategic war plans for the invasion of Iraq.

The Fox News Channel is reporting that the Pentagon believes the Russians had a “mole” in CentCom (US military’s Central Command) who passed on secrets to the Russians who in turn passed on intelligence to Saddam’s regime.

Illegal Aliens And Their Abettors Protest

Yesterday thousand of illegal aliens and those that abet illegal aliens (family members, employers, etc) marched in southern California to protest. What they were protesting seems odd to most Americans. They were protesting the illegality of being in the United State illegally. The Congress is deliberating HR 4437 which would make being in the United States illegally a felony (which it should be) and add harsh punishments to employers that knowing hire illegal aliens.