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By: Carolyn Hileman

People are asking why America a land built by immigrants is considering sending a bunch of Mexicans back home, so I thought I might take a stab at giving them an answer. Well now, let me see where I start, could it be that when I go into my local Lowes store I do not hear Japanese, right after the English request for help. Or could be that I don’t see we speak German on all the signs as I drive down the road. The vitamin commercials do not have subtitles in Cuban. As an election judge I am not required to have a Japanese interpreter. Our ballots are not twice as long because they must also be written in Gallic.

Most if not all of the other immigrants came to our land to be American, they came here to take over America and from where I am standing they have done a really good job of it. Burger King now has to have bilingual cashiers when before it was good if they could count to ten. Now days you can’t get a job cleaning toilets if you don’t know Spanish but they can get a job in Wal-Mart and not know a word of English. They are a large voting block and we all know why rather than deal with the problem our leaders just declare them legal, no more problem for them and boy do the votes add up.

Law enforcement here in Texas cannot find a single illegal, but they can walk into bar and arrest someone they believe is drunk. I think there time would be better spent hunting down and returning the real criminals. Don’t get me wrong I can understand why they came here and I think when the president talks to Fox he needs to tell him to get his crap together or get out of office, because these people deserve to have their home a place worthy of staying instead of being sent over to America so he doesn’t have to worry about them. If we can talk tough elsewhere we can darn sure set up a few ground rules there.

This is America, not little Mexico and we are sick and tired of people trying to turn us into it. If you are going to require your people to speak Spanish then they need to speak every other language here in the great United States. If you are going to have subtitles then you better put up the rest of the languages, you had better be ready to print a book for a ballot, because not to is nothing short of discrimination against the other immigrants living in our great country and the last time I looked that was illegal as well. Let’s get something straight yes we are worried about terrorism and let me tell you there are as many Mexicans who hate us there are Muslims and they would just love to make a name for themselves by taking us down. At least with the Muslims we can catch a few trying to board a plane.

My great grandfather came over on a ship; no he was not a passenger he hid with the cargo. However, he came here to be an American; he took on the ways of the Americans. He learned to speak the language and was proud to speak it to anyone who would listen. He studied and got his citizenship papers, opened a store and became very successful. That is what you do if you truly wish to be American, you do not come here and try to change everything about the country you came to into what you ran from, if it was so great go back. Senate is arguing this subject and I think they need to hear from their people in good ole’ fashioned English, all we need to say is we vote too.

Call this number it will cost you nothing, ask to speak to your representative and tell them that we want illegal immigration stopped. 888-355-3588

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