Wake up!!!

By: Carolyn Hileman

They don’t need air planes to fly into our buildings, they do not need to attack our embassies, they can stand in our streets and effectively take over our country. They don’t need to kill almost three thousand people to get our attention, they simply must chant the words tomorrow we vote and our countries leaders will go belly up. They walked the streets of LA 500,000 strong mostly illegal immigrants calling out that today they march tomorrow they vote. Wake up America what in the hell are we allowing here? There were no INS agents to round these people up and send them home no we stood by and watched!!!

The White House the congress and senate should be ashamed, you tell us you will protect us yet you cannot put down a rally by people who should not even be here and plan to give them exactly what they want. The wall they talk about is going to be nothing more than a virtual wall, they will only end up paying $2000.00 if they get caught and you know what I really don’t think they are to damn worried about that simply because we ALLOWED them to stand in our streets and demand that we do nothing to them. These laws are only as good as the enforcement and by God no one is enforcing the laws already on the books what makes us think they will now???

America we need to wake up and we need to wake up right now, we need to put a stop to this and now and I really don’t care what you think of the president the issue right now is what do your country to be America or Mexico? We simply must let our leaders know that we will not stand for this, we will not allow people that are here illegally to define our country and make policy. We must give them a healthy reminder of just who put them in the office they hold and who will take it away if they don’t get it together soon and let us see with our own eyes that they are picking up and deporting these people.

They think because we are not in the street that we think that this is just fine, well we don’t and we are here legally. Senator McCain has been quoted as saying that the protests spurred the watered down bill, I think he needs a spur from us about right now and yes MR. McCain this is nothing but amnesty and we demand a real bill with real consequences. We demand that INS do its damn job or be disbanded and allow the people to take over. Enough is enough, call this number NOW!!! 1-888-355-3588

What next people will they simply allow terrorists to come in here and determine how our country is run? Hell why not we are planning to give prisoners of war the same rights as Americans so next they will be in our streets demanding we do things their way. We had better wake up get out of our cushy chair and do something now or anyone who comes here will have the same rights as you and I and they will by sheer numbers regardless of whether they are citizens write policy come on people wake up.

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