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March 30, 2006

Illegal Aliens Demand US Citizens’ Rights

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With decades of “we want our rights” precedents from which to draw, illegal immigrants are now demanding that they be afforded the same rights as US citizens. Thousands of banner wielding and sign-carrying illegals have attended country-wide protests, organized in large part by left-wing anti-American-sovereignty organizations such as Open Borders and MEChA (which advocates “re-conquering” the US southwest-and more than likely conquering other areas of our country-for its mythical nation of Aztlan), to demonstrate against any attempts by the United States to protect its borders.

March 29, 2006

The Bush Bashers’ Reality Check Bounced

Since the beginning of Iraq War II: Electric Boogaloo, liberals and Democrats maintained that Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction and that anything Bush said to the contrary had to be a lie. Years went by with little to no progress on that front and the people who rejected the notion Iraq had WMDs smugly told us that Bush lied. It didn’t matter what we found, they were right and the Bush Administration was wrong, perhaps criminally so.

We vote too

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People are asking why America a land built by immigrants is considering sending a bunch of Mexicans back home, so I thought I might take a stab at giving them an answer. Well now, let me see where I start, could it be that when I go into my local Lowes store I do not hear Japanese, right after the English request for help. Or could be that I don’t see we speak German on all the signs as I drive down the road. The vitamin commercials do not have subtitles in Cuban. As an election judge I am not required to have a Japanese interpreter. Our ballots are not twice as long because they must also be written in Gallic.

March 28, 2006

Concerned Men Misguided

Filed under: Abortion,American Society & Heritage - 28 Mar 2006

The website for The National Center for Men offers a bumper sticker that reads KIDS NEED BOTH PARENTS. Statistics have consistently shown that children raised by only one parent are far more likely to drop out of school, turn to criminality, and fall into poverty, and thus the phrase is both true and meaningful. So it is somewhat counterproductive when the “men’s rights” group began to seek ways to abdicate themselves from the responsibility of fatherhood and force kids to be raised by only one parent.

Revealing educational statistics from Allen County

According to the Indiana Bureau of Education 91% of all Hoosier children are enrolled in public schools, 7% are enrolled in private schools, and 2% are being home schooled during the 2005-2006 school year.

Milan: Center for Radical Islam in Europe

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 28 Mar 2006

Italian officials have known for some time that their country was exporting Islamic militants and that the city of Milan is the center for these potential terrorists. Now the officials worry that militants may return from fighting in Iraq to carry out bombings in Europe, according to the BBC.

March 27, 2006

Christian Peace Activists Rescued in Iraq

Coalition forces (led by the British) rescued three Christian “peace” activists who were grabbed up by radical Islamists in Iraq last year. There was happiness expressed from their supporters, but there is no indication if the military personnel were thanked for the rescue efforts.

March 26, 2006

Liberals Interpret the Scriptures; The Gospel According to Marx

Is it only me or are there others who are sick and tired of Liberals quoting the Bible — or claiming to quote the Scriptures?

It’s as serious as Sen. Hillary Clinton using Scripture to defend illegal immigration and to slam the GOP immigration reform bill, or as silly as when environmentalists pose the question to Americans “would Jesus Christ drive an SUV?”

The ‘Triumph’ of Socialism

France, the birth-place of socialism, is now living socialism’s logical end-game.

Mobs in the streets of France, led by university students, are smashing store-fronts, burning automobiles, barricading streets, and their labor union buddies are threatening a syndicalist general strike.

Russians Gave Saddam US War Plans

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 26 Mar 2006

The Pentagon firmly believes that the Russian government gave Iraq President Saddam Hussein United States strategic war plans for the invasion of Iraq.

The Fox News Channel is reporting that the Pentagon believes the Russians had a “mole” in CentCom (US military’s Central Command) who passed on secrets to the Russians who in turn passed on intelligence to Saddam’s regime.

Illegal Aliens And Their Abettors Protest

Yesterday thousand of illegal aliens and those that abet illegal aliens (family members, employers, etc) marched in southern California to protest. What they were protesting seems odd to most Americans. They were protesting the illegality of being in the United State illegally. The Congress is deliberating HR 4437 which would make being in the United States illegally a felony (which it should be) and add harsh punishments to employers that knowing hire illegal aliens.

March 25, 2006

Sen. Reid’s Political Props: Soldiers, Police, Firefighters and Flags

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) sent out a memorandum to Democrat lawmakers about how they should spend their spring vacations: Using soldiers, police officers, firefighters and others as props in order to demonstrate that members of his party are gung-ho when it comes to national security and to highlight their claim that President Bush is not keeping Americans safe.

The Wrath of God

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 25 Mar 2006

No one who questions God’s retributions for sin, as well as His bounties, can lay claim to faith in the Judeo-Christian religious beliefs repeatedly proclaimed in the Bible’s Old Testament and New Testament, the faith upon which this nation was founded.

We must SIMPLIFY Indiana’s tax system!

Filed under: Taxes & Taxation - 25 Mar 2006

One of the largest barriers to business growth in Indiana is the complexity of The Indiana tax code.

Most small businesses are forced to hire a Certified Public Accountant to help them deal with the complicated Indiana tax code. That is good for me; my wife is a Certified Public Accountant. That is bad for small businesses and for our economy. We can make Indiana more business friendly by doing nothing other then simplifying the tax code. My taxation plan will simplify our tax code and will generate an extra fifty million dollars over the two year budget cycle.

March 24, 2006

We Shall Underwhelm

On the third anniversary of the Iraq War starting, people opposed to the war took the opportunity to once again tell the world just how wrong we were to start the war in the first place. But this year was different than last year. Oh, I’m sure some of the same people who came out last year were there, but this year there were fewer people. I’m not talking a drop off of a couple of people, either. The protest in New York City garnered a whopping 200 protestors. By contrast, 300 people gathered outside of the Naval Observatory, where Vice President Dick Cheney lives, and 200 protestors gathered in Salt Lake City, but only after a protestor text messaged friends to show up.

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