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March 16, 2006

Of Elections, Ports, and Political Posturing

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Regarding the recent misadventures of the Bush administration in relation to the running of several U.S. ports by a United Arab Emirates (UAE) company, here is a scenario that some on the left have breathlessly chattered on about:

While Cindy Sheehan and the Washington press pool were camped out on the Texas prairie last August, Karl Rove was busy.

Three of President Bush’s Failures In His First Term

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President Bush’s first term is over; we can now look at what he accomplished. A President should be judged on what he promised the voters during his campaign. Voters should compare what he promised, to what he delivered.

Look at some of what President Bush wanted to accomplish in his first term: A better public education system, fiscal responsibility, and less Federal involvement in the affairs of the fifty States. Let’s look at each of these goals President Bush set for himself.

I Need A Conservative Television News Network

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood - 16 Mar 2006

Every morning I log onto the worldwide web, not because I’m a computer geek, but because I want to understand what’s going on in the world. I’ve long since turned my back on the print media for accurate and timely news reporting, and it’s getting to the point where I can’t even bring myself to watch a televised news broadcasts anymore, simply because tv networks can’t seem to report on much of anything these days without insulting my intelligence with some sort of politically correct blather.

Combating Southwest Border Violence

(The following is based on a report submitted to the National Association of Chiefs of Police by the US Department of Homeland Security.)

As the agency with the broadest law enforcement authority within the Department of Homeland Security, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is said to be uniquely positioned to combat vulnerabilities and threats to America from individuals involved in terrorism, organized crime, human smuggling and narco-terrorism at US borders.

March 15, 2006

Black Families, Black Men

Sounding like a born-again social conservative, president Lyndon B. Johnson stepped to the podium and made this stirring pronouncement: “When the family collapses, it is the children that are usually damaged. When it happens on a massive scale, the community itself is crippled.”

Acts of God

Filed under: Potpourri - 15 Mar 2006

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis… raw power beyond our control, leaving behind unimaginable destruction, even death. I often hear people call those things Acts of God. Hearing that always reminds me how easily people see God in the bad things that happen, but miss seeing Him in the good.

March 14, 2006

10% of Americans are Gay — Urban Myth Explored

We have all heard the well worn claim that “at least 10% of America is gay”, haven’t we? This 10% statistic has been used by gay advocacy groups for decades leaving Americans to imagine that up to 20 million of their fellows might be gay. But is this number a truism or propaganda from the gay lobby?

Where Our Freedom Comes From

Americans love their freedom; they love to talk about it, revel in it, embrace it, and of course, make use of it. How many of us, though, really take the time to reflect upon the sources of our freedom? How many of us truly ponder why, we, as Americans are as free as we are?

March 13, 2006

Tossing Red Meat To The Mob?

Referring to the passage of 4437 in the house, Ruben Navarette dismisses those “Fire breathing house Republicans” as having cornered the market on silliness, sideshows and sound bites.

Mr. Navarette thinks walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, denying citizenship to anchor babies or turning local police into “surrogate immigration agents” are all outlandish proposals.

March 12, 2006

“Last Warning” This!

Filed under: War On Terror - 12 Mar 2006

In the wake of September 11th, 2001 we were warned. We were warned by al-Qaida about a continuing “storm of airplanes” and other hideous fates that were going to befall us. We were warned about how al-Qaida would keep terrorizing us on American soil and how there was no hope of escape. Years later what has al-Qaida been able to do?

Peace Advocate Hostage Killed — Should He Have known?

There was a nut case named Timothy Treadwell who fancied himself a modern Grizzly Adams. He was a troubled young man, a drug addict with many troubles in his short life.

He became fascinated with the idea of living among the brown bears of the Alaskan wilderness apparently as some sort of homemade therapy to ease his troubled mind. For several years he trekked to this wild place and talked to the bears filming, himself as he did so. He imagined they knew him and were his “friends”.

RIM Was Wronged

Filed under: American Government,Our Laws - 12 Mar 2006

For the last few years we’ve been reading that Research in Motion’s popular mobile-email service, BlackBerry, may be shut down because the company “infringed the patents” of a company called NTP. That’s all the newspapers said.

Curious readers would want to know more. Did black-clad RIM operatives break into NTP’s office safe and steal the idea for mobile email? Did RIM spies tap the phones at NTP? Did RIM gumshoes tail NTP’s engineers and eavesdrop on confidential conversations?

March 10, 2006

Radio Free Iran — Pierce the Mullah Curtain!

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 10 Mar 2006

The State Department today touted plans to station 10 more US diplomats in Dubai to monitor Iran and support her pro-democracy movement. This story is good news on several levels, but only if the ideas that are being discussed are pushed to the best possible advantage.

March 9, 2006

News Flash: You DO Pay Taxes!

I’ve had this article sitting here on my desk, staring me in the face for a good two months now. I kept meaning to publish it except for the fact that it doesn’t apply to the vast majority of people that read my work. So I would put it off.

You see, this article is targeted at the nearly 50% of Americans that don’t pay any income tax each year. Again, not my typical reader.

March 8, 2006

I Am A Tired American

I am tired of many things going on today, things that seem designed to undermine and destroy our great country. Certainly, we all have the right to express our opinions and, naturally, every American holding any particular ideology will see things that do not correspond to his idea of the “real America” at any given time. It is right and good that we, as citizens, should seek to make the changes we think necessary to make our country strong. We can all agree that people of intelligence and integrity might agree to disagree, but there are some things about a country, that when abandoned or abruptly changed, creates a place markedly different than what it was previously.

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