Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

By: Carolyn Hileman

I have started rallies for the president, written considerably on the subject of the war and generally supported just about everything he has done since walking into office. However, right now I am shaken and hurt as it slowly sinks in that he allowing illegal immigrants to march in our streets with impunity. Most of us thought it was crazy to allow all the protests up till and after the war but we accepted them since they were Americans and had the right to assemble. These people however are not American citizens and under our constitution have no such rights.

We have Americans fighting on our borders daily to keep these people off of their property, having to rebuild fences daily because they are trespassing onto their property and the law is unclear as to if they may be treated as any other trespassers and be shot. The vast majority of the people do not wish to take matters in their own hands that is why we elected our leaders, however at this point no one is leading. We do not wish to take to the streets but will if we are shown much more that all of our leaders are standing with the illegal immigrants.

It is really very humorous if you give it thought; imagine if you can the American people becoming united simply because our leaders refuse to lead. The democrats call this the next civil right movement, only problem is they have no rights under our constitution. The republicans see this as a chance to get a brand new voting block and one up the democrats and they are both pissing of their people left and right. If they thought that pictures of flag draped coffins and tortured prisoners would get our attention what in the hell did they think was going to happen when we saw the American flag being flown upside down under the Mexican flag?

The Unions are angry with the democrats and they have enough power to show them what a work stoppage can do for you. Our children are tired and angry of people who supposedly have no rights walking around their schools with Mexican flags on their faces and walking out of school without incident if not helped by their principles and other administration officials. The American kids have played by the rules and now they are seeing that it really wasn’t necessary all you really need is a group large enough to scare them and they can do as they wish.

I have to wonder if this was a group of Muslims taking to our streets would we still enjoy the level of non protection we are receiving now? Would they be telling us that they were the new civil right movement or that there is just too many of them we can’t stop them? We were able to call out the National Guard to help evacuate people in both Houston and New Orleans, we were able to evacuate how many people by bus in how many days, yet we cannot load a bunch of illegal immigrants onto busses and take them back across the border I think not. You know the Governors had to declare a state of emergency in order to call up the National Guard for that, maybe we have been calling and writing the wrong offices, maybe we need to call the governors.

Or maybe we need to take to the streets and let them see just how many Americans there are and how big a mistake they are making by allowing this. Maybe we need to tell them to lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

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