The Ugly Truth about Illegal Immigration Protests

By: Doug Hagin

OK, let me get this illegal immigration debate straight. Let me set the record straight as to exactly what those in favor of excusing and encouraging illegal entry into the United States are really out to accomplish. Just so, we all have a clear understanding of what those who have been taking to streets all across America, are supporting. Let us examine the attitudes of those marching. Let us look at WHO is really behind many of these protests. Moreover, while we are at it, let us look at the consequences if those folks win this battle for America’s borders!

First, let us take a peak at what this battle is about. It is, in the end, about eroding and eventually destroying America’s sovereignty. Now I realize this might seem a bit hyperbolic and sensational. Take a moment to consider this one question though. Can any nation really maintain its laws, security or sovereignty if it cannot control its own borders? The answer is no. No nation can survive long if its borders are laid open for anyone and everyone, to come in without regard for laws or borders.

Now, we can clearly see that those intent on making illegal immigration acceptable and some type of new, invented “civil right” are a direct threat to this nation’s security and sovereignty. Knowing this, does it come as any sort of surprise that those demanding non-existent US borders are almost entirely on the Left?

These are the same folks who have been calling for the US to hand over its sovereignty and destiny to the United Nations. These are the same folks who praise Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and still love to embrace much of Karl Marx’s failed ideology. To these people, the United States is not a beacon of liberty or goodness to the rest of the world. To them the United States is the cause of every problem in the world. Yes, they do want to destroy this nation, and they recognize that eradicating America’s border is a path to that end.

Now, again if this seems hyperbolic or over the top, consider a couple of groups who were key in staging these rallies for illegal immigration. Groups like Aztlan, which has one purpose, to re-take the American Southwest and reunite it with Mexico. They do not wish to accomplish this with violence but by re-shaping the demographics to the extent that such a majority is Mexican that they can achieve their goals politically. Get it yet? They want to take over a large portion of America; they are our enemy, period!

Next check out the group Mexica. This group wants not only the Southwest, but also the entire North American continent! A visit to their website will prove extremely instructional. This group is adamant the Europeans must not only welcome illegal immigrants but must also leave the continent as well. Talk about intolerant, fascist, and racist!

A trip to the cesspool that is their website will offer those viewing a disturbing image of the radical nature of this group. There you can view the photos of the signs these miscreants carried at the recent protests in California. Consider signs reading, “We are indigenous! The ONLY owners of this continent”, “This is our continent, not yours”, “This is stolen land”, “All Europeans are illegal”, and of course “If you think I am illegal because I am a Mexican learn the true history because I am in my homeland”.
They also carried signs depicting Republican leaders as Nazis, and their website prominently displays a Mexican flag flying over an upside down American flag. Now how could I possibly feel threatened by these folks! Not to say all those protesting belong to these two hate groups, but many do share their hatred for America and anyone not in their racial group. We would never welcome a rally by a White Supremacist group would we? Well these two groups are no better.

Next, please consider why these defenders of illegal immigrants carried Mexican flags and chanted Viva Mexico! Why not carry American flags? Isn’t their goal to allow these poor people to become Americans? Why do they wave the flag of the nation these people left? Does this make any sense at all? Seems the issue is many want to be here, enjoy the benefits, reap the rewards, they do not want to follow our laws, and THEN, they want to insult our country and spit on our flag when we demand they respect our laws!

So let us review for a moment. Many who are supportive of illegal immigration are actively pursuing a racist state where “Europeans” and “non-natives” are not welcome. Many of the protesters seemed far more supportive of Mexico than the United States. Again, why do they leave Mexico in the first place? If they think America so racist and bad and Mexico so wonderful, why do they there for here? Again, there is no logic there.

Now I am not saying, that all, or even most illegal immigrants are out to harm America, not at all. I am simply pointing out the very ugly truth about many of those fighting against our right to secure our borders. Nor am I implying that a lot of this issue is not our own fault. Our gutless politicians have refused to secure our borders for years now. Likewise, greedy companies have exploited the cheap wages that illegal immigrants will work for years.

I have no problem with anyone wanting to come here. However, we must retain or right to control our borders and demand those entering do so legally! As to so-called guest worker programs, can we expect the same politicians who are too sorry to enforce current laws will enforce new laws? Oh, and one more thing, why were none of these protesters upset that Mexico keeps illegal aliens from entering their country by military force? Selective Outrage Syndrome I suppose!

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