Another Islamofascist in a US University

By: Warner Todd Huston

(Editor’s Note: This article has been corrected by Warner Todd Houston on 4/12/06)

Last month the news that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former ambassador-at-large for the Taliban government in Afghanistan, was being hosted and toasted by the good folks at Yale University, courtesy the US State Dept. Giving him a student Visa. Mr. Hashemi was quoted to be ecstatic over his good fortune since he was only just recently advocating for the destruction of the USA and now is being given advantages as a student in one of the nation’s top schools… a good fortune that most Americans are denied, I should add.

Now we have word that another America basher and Jew hater has been found to have spent a sabbatical year at U.C.L.A. And he isn’t the “small fish” that Hashemi is, either.

According to The Middle East Research Institute, Professor Dr. Zaghloul Al-Naggar (El-Naggar) has recently stated in a speech aired on Saudi Igra TV (April 2, 2006) that the USA will be dissipated to nothing and that Israel will be destroyed.

Al-Naggaar is a King Fahd University Professor of geology in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, so I suppose that makes him an expert on politics, history, religion and diplomacy as well as rocks as far as the Saudi’s are concerned.

Al-Naggar went on to say, “The 20th century crime is the creation of this false state amidst the Arab world and amidst the Muslim world, with no justification whatsoever – historical, ethnic, religious, you name it. They have no justification to be in that region at all. And that’s why Muslims have to struggle hard to destroy this state, regardless of the blind support of the Americans and of many European nations to it, stemming from wrong misconceptions and wrong beliefs that have been mainly infiltrated by the Jewish hands.”

I suppose he could “see” all that in a sand dune or a rock formation that he was studying somewhere.

So, you might say “Big deal. An Arab that hates the USA and Jews, so what?” I might tend to agree that it isn’t very surprising to find such a deranged, ignorant person being held up as a leader in Saudi Arabia.

But, the big deal is that he is also well respected here in the USA. Not only at U.C.L.A., but in the several professional associations here in the US to which he belongs.

Al-Naggar is a member of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

So, once again, we have an Islamofascist being toasted as a respected member of American Universities and professional associations and journals. And it makes me wonder: when are we going to REJECT these people who advocate for our destruction? Why do we continually seem to put these haters forth as respected members of the world community and allow them access to our schools? Why do we even allow them entry to the USA with visitor or student visas in the first place?

When are we going to wake up and realize that we are offering fantastic opportunities to make money, gain respect and education to people that want to use that money, fame and education to destroy this very country. They want to kill each and every one of us, yet we are smiling as we hand them the tools to do so.

We need to END student Visas for these kinds of people immediately and we need to pressure our Universities to stop giving them free rides when so many of our own citizens cannot even afford to attend them.

Please contact the following people and register your feelings.

UCLA contact info

AAAS Contact info

AAPG Contact info

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