By: Carolyn Hileman

Racist pig, elitist, isolationist, the names aren’t new I am called them simply because I consider myself a conservative republican. So if you think you will get anywhere calling me that think again. The fact is I believe that America belongs to the Americans and if that makes me a racist pig oink, oink. It is true what they say if you do it for one you must do it for all, just look in our streets right now for proof. We gave amnesty twenty years ago and these people firmly believe that we owe it to them now; their children will believe we owe it to them as well.

Let’s get something straight here shall we, I have nothing against immigrants or Mexicans as a whole. I have a problem with people coming into my country in the cover of darkness unchecked and then standing in my streets telling me what to do. They say they just came here for a better life, well you know there is a brick house across the street from me you know I think I like it better than what I have now I think I will just move in. I will just bet you they have much better food than we get so I think I will eat theirs, Oh and their cars are much better than mine so why not, I mean really it shouldn’t be a problem because the United States will give me amnesty.

Oh wait I am here legally so I am subject to the laws of this country so I better not do that or they will put me in jail. I don’t know about most of you but I am guessing you are not all rocket scientists. I will just bet some of you like me have been the working class. I have personally worked in bars, going house to house selling anything I could to survive and the theory that we are to lazy to do these jobs is nothing but hogwash. See back in the day and today still Americans have worked the jobs that they say only the Mexicans can and will do. Of course now we wouldn’t know because we have been convinced that Americans are lazy and will not do the jobs so we just look for the nearest Mexican.

These people are illegal just by their very existence in this country but they are not subject to our laws or they would never have been able to pull off the great march of 500,000 in LA simply because they would have had to get a permit to gather, I don’t know about you but I am betting they didn’t have one. I have to wonder if Americans were to march against them if we would need a permit. Would be arrested Cindy if we were to protest without one? I don’t think we would be so angry if we were not seeing all the laws we have lived by for years bypassed for people who don’t even belong here.

You can call them undocumented, you can call them poor workers or any other name you wish but when it is all said and done they are still illegal. They refuse to learn our language, our customs or our laws. They shove their darn flag down our throats and then want to know why we are so angry, give me a break. America is our home and if any one walked into my home and took over it and then told me it was never mine to begin with I would be in jail. We are in the fight of our life and our leaders are calling this a civil rights movement, and they call us uneducated.

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