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April 7, 2006

McCain Epitomizes Federal Government Failures

Filed under: American Government,Immigration,The Republicans - 07 Apr 2006

The March 2006 cover story of “Fortune” magazine, entitled “Secrets of Greatness,” presents profiles of several individuals whom the editors deemed worthy of that description. First on the list is Senator John McCain of Arizona, pictured with hand over heart, …

How About a Citizens’ Strike?

Filed under: Immigration,Our Laws,Politics In General - 07 Apr 2006

After all of the illegal aliens’/immigrants’ (you make the choice as to which word you want to use) marches, demanding they be given the same rights as US citizens, I’d like to make a counter-proposal. Why don’t we-the-people (that’s “US-citizen-people”) …

We just do not understand

Filed under: Immigration,The Republicans - 07 Apr 2006

I have a little boy; he is all of twelve years old on Friday the Mexicans walked out of his school to protest. On Monday they were wearing Mexican flags on their faces, God only knows what today will bring …