We just do not understand

By: Carolyn Hileman

An open letter to our leaders

Written by: Carolyn Hileman

I have a little boy; he is all of twelve years old on Friday the Mexicans walked out of his school to protest. On Monday they were wearing Mexican flags on their faces, God only knows what today will bring for him to try and comprehend. I would love to be able to explain this to him but I am at a loss of words to explain what is going on in our country. He was raised to obey the law and to respect others, yet he himself is not being respected now. Could one of you please tell me why I should tell him he must obey the rules if no one else is?

Could you tell me how I am supposed to tell my children to respect their leaders, when their leaders are showing absolutely no respect for the American people? I don’t know whether to be angrier at the Mexicans for being in our streets or at you for not protecting them. How can I look my children in the eyes and tell them it will all be OK when I don’t even believe it myself right now? When the planes flew into our buildings I knew that if nothing else the president would protect us, I don’t have that feeling right now. It feels to me like we are being sold to the highest voting block, and that you really never meant a damn word you said about protecting us.

Where is our shock and awe in our streets? Do the American people have to take to the streets to get your attention? You call this a civil rights rally I call it scary because they are being allowed to destroy our flag with impunity. These people are being allowed to gather without a permit, children are being allowed to walk out of school with impunity and all of our laws are being just thrown by the wayside. Everyone is worried about there being a civil war in Iraq, someone up there needs to look in our streets because if we don’t do something soon our soldiers will be fighting for Mexico and if that is the case I will join the peace movement because I will stand for no blood shed for Little Mexico.

It is a very scary thing to think about the fact that our leaders are no longer bothering to listen to the American people. We no longer have a voice in our own country; it is being drowned out by people who are here illegally. It is past disgusting that the only time two senators of different parties can agree on one thing and that is to sell your country out. The blood is boiling inside and outside of the schools and it will not be long till we all figure out that you have sold us out and we will take to the streets to defend our country. You our leaders will be responsible for any blood that is shed while your people are doing your job. So you try to explain it to your people, come on “W” favorite son of Texas get behind your podium and try to convince us that allowing illegal immigrants to take over our streets and schools is good for America because right now we just do not understand…

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