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April 11, 2006

What Must We Look Like?

Bin Laden once said we looked like paper tigers and that is why he had no fear in attacking us. Well look in the streets right now and tell me what kind of tiger do we look like right now? …

Will Illegal Aliens Take America by Force?

On Sunday, the largest protest-demonstration in the history of Dallas, TX occurred. It’s estimated that tens of thousands (some reports place them at 100,000-500,000) of illegal immigrants and their supporters attended. Other illegals’ marches occurred in other states, …

Border and Visa Security: A Major Deficiency

Filed under: Immigration,War On Terror - 11 Apr 2006

In deciding to approve or deny a visa application, the Department of State’s consular officers are on the front line of defense in protecting the United States against those who seek to harm US interests.

To increase border security following …

Daddy’s Girl

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Dear Paige,

Had a talk with your mom the other day and she told me, from out of the blue, you said, “Welcome to today’s edition of the Rush 24/7 podcast.”

A Battle Cry for Freedom

Among the most popular political parties is a public display of infighting. For example, the extreme left of the Democratic Party is unwilling to accommodate Joe Lieberman’s support of the current war effort. Within the Republican Party, a faction professes …