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April 13, 2006

Drug Enforcement: Mr. President, Stop Covering Up for Vicente Fox and Mexico

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,Our Laws - 13 Apr 2006

How often have you heard President George W. Bush or his minions tell the American people that his friend Mexican President Vicente Fox and Fox’s government are cooperating with US law enforcement to curb drug trafficking along the US-Mexican border? …

Two Days That Forever Changed The World

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 13 Apr 2006

What day do you think was the single most significant day in changing the course of human history? Perhaps it was the day when Columbus discovered America, or the day when men first walked on the moon. Maybe it was …

The Immigration Debate: GOP Commits Suicide

Filed under: Immigration,The Republicans - 13 Apr 2006

In elections one earns political capital. Once spent, c’est tout. Consumed capital cannot be replenished by a cauterized constituency, and today the Republican base boils. I recently spoke to someone who volunteered for Bush’s 2004 campaign. I asked whether he …

Women’s Health Hoax

Filed under: Politics In General,Science & Technology - 13 Apr 2006

Twenty-some years ago the mavens of medical misfortune sounded their shrill alarm. Hillary Clinton lashed out because of the “appalling degree to which women were routinely excluded from major clinical trials of most illnesses.” Marcia Angell, then editor of …