The Monk Bought Lunch

By: David Tatosian

It’s been 4 years and 7 months since 2996 Americans were slaughtered in New York, Pennsylvania and D.C.

The passengers, and dozens if not hundreds of others, died when the planes slammed in to buildings and American soil. An unknown number of our countrymen hurled themselves to the pavement over 100 floors below rather than burn to death. The rest were mauled, devoured, their remains forever lost to us beneath the collapsed towers.

We forget the danger, the brute savagery of a world that crouches and snarls at our borders.

Recently a trailer for a movie about flight 93 was shown in a local movie house. On leaving the theater a woman, through her tears, was reported to have said, “It’s too soon, it’s too soon”

But she’s got it exactly wrong.

That movie, and dozens like it, should have been made 4 years and 6 months ago.

September 11, 2001 doesn’t represent the untimely demise of a beloved house pet that one “gets over”, something that one just deals with and moves on.

It was the vicious and cowardly slaughter of innocent Americans at the hands of Arab Muslim primitives too stupid and bestial to attribute the concept of innocence to anything non-Muslim.

That movie and dozens like it should have been required viewing for our children. So they would understand that the enemies of humankind, the true evil in this world emanates not from the United States, but from malignant states like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Russia, Palestine and Mexico.

They should have been made aware of the death and slaughter carried out at the behest of Mohammed, the beading pedophile and Muslim Idol.

Our children should have been exposed to the lies of Islam instead of homosexuality and the institutionalized racism of the “white skin baaaaaaad, dark skin good” effluvia that pimps itself off as education in this country.

Our talking heads should have interviewed western Islamic scholars, Islamic apostates and Christians who’ve suffered at the hands of their Muslim overlords rather than the terrorist supporting liars at the Council On American-Islamic Relations. Had they done so, we would have been on our guard against the signs of American dhimmitude and the subsequent taxpayer funded jizya now in play.

In the event that any of us were unclear as to what dhimmitude was, the aforementioned experts could have simply pointed to the trust fund baby currently occupying the White House.

America might be at war, but beyond the tiresome poll driven blather we’re occasionally subjected to, it is clear Bush is not.

In fact, his every action since taking office, including his ignoring Saudi involvement in 9/11, the resulting “religion of peace” lie and the White House mandated ineffectuality of the Department of Homeland Security, has been a calculated betrayal of this nation and it’s citizens.

But the most destructive and malevolent betrayal at the hands of Mr. Bush is his de facto surrender of American territory, territory that belongs to us, to the degenerate government of Mexico and it’s illegal aliens.

Mr. Bush steadfastly refuses to defend this nation and its citizens against its enemies.

Whether those enemies are hostile foreign nationals who threaten to bring our economy to a halt if their demands are not met, or Mr. Bush’s odious mendacity meant to convince the American people that a perverse and dangerous ideology committed to our destruction, Islam, is really a religion of peace.

Mr. Bush is, however, extremely interested in his own safety.

In April, 2005, when 16-year-old Jeff Neely threatened Mr. Bush and several U.S. Senators on an Internet forum, the President’s Secret Service was on the scene to insure the boy was locked up till Mr. Bush’s safety was assured. (1)

In February 2006, when a 13-year-old boy from Rhode Island wrote an essay threatening our Mr. Bush and Oprah Winfrey, the President’s Secret Service interrogated the child and assured Mr. Bush all was well. (2)

In March 2006, when yet another 13-year-old boy sent Mr. Bush threatening emails, not just the Secret Service but also the F.B.I. joined the fray. The pubescent was deemed neutralized and Mr. Bush breathed a sigh of relief. (3)

That a coward and a weakling kisses the feet of our enemies so they will spare him any discomfort is, in itself, unsurprising.

That the coward and weakling inhabits an elected office that we put him in is too much to bear.

Where oh where, in the great elected charnel house that we have loosed upon ourselves, is the statesman and patriot who will bring this plague of a president to account.

Is there no one?


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