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April 17, 2006

Can A Book Harass at Ohio State University?

Conservatives are not anti-intellectual. I say that to immediately put to rest the first suspicion that many extremist, leftists have when another story crops up featuring Conservatives bemoaning leftist bias in our nation’s Universities.

American flag appropriated by illegal immigrants

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“We are not criminals,” was constantly intoned at rallies around the country Monday. That’s nonsense. People who break the law to enter the United States are by definition criminals. Even if, as at the Washington rally televised …

Tucson Student Forced to Listen to Pro-Illegal Immigration Propaganda

Americans better start waking up and doing something about the madness that’s occurring in our nation’s high schools and elementary schools. Youngsters are being subjected to left-wing propaganda and when teachers and principals are caught they start two-stepping around the …

Las Vegas and the Fed

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Prudent investors planning for the long term don’t gamble by putting every penny in the stock market. Why then are we willing to gamble the nation’s future on speculative monetary policy? Managed money, artificially controlled by the Federal Reserve, …