Bringing Reality to Leftists:Mission Impossible?

By: Doug Hagin

As a public service, I am going to attempt to introduce Leftists to reality. Now I realize many of y’all are rolling your eyes right now. I fully recognize that this is a venture many will tell me is, to put it simply, bound to be as successful as a screen-door in a sub-marine. I am, however, willing to try one last time to accomplish this seemingly impossible mission. So, cue the theme from Mission Impossible and wish me luck!

Iraq is NOT Vietnam, no matter how many times y’all say it, it is not true. Repetition does NOT equal truth. We fought an organized army in Vietnam; this is not the case in Iraq. The army we fought, and never lost on the field to by the way, was also supported other Communist nations. The terrorists in Iraq are not openly supported by any nation.

Look up the word quagmire in a dictionary; learn what the hell it means BEFORE you use it repeatedly!

The United States Military is NOT losing in Iraq; it never has been even close to losing, no matter how much y’all desire it to lose. Face this reality; America is unmatched, as a military power. There has never been any nation with the military might or technology we possess. Now, I know you Leftists hate hearing that, I know y’all love to predict doom and defeat every time America even mentions military action, but get over it hippy, it just is a reality you do not wish to face!

By the way, our armed forces did not LOSE in Vietnam either. The only “loss” came because of jelly spined politicians, and scumbag Marx wannabes like YOU! See, Communists, like the terrorists we face today, were evil; they wanted every knee across the globe to bow to their evil ideology. Fighting them in Korea and Vietnam was not only correct; it was the ONLY thing to do. Evil, such as they swore to spread is not going to be appeased, or sated, but with total world domination. America, and those who truly love it, people, in other words, UNLIKE you Leftists, can see evil must be met and defeated. Fighting Communists, just like fighting terrorists today, is not a fight we want, it is, however a fight we must never even speak of losing.

If a rapists breaks into your home intent on harming your wife or daughter, would you reason with him? Would you try to appease him? Would you ever be so delusional as to think you could do anything but kill him if you hoped to save your loved ones? NO? Then why do you even entertain the notion that we could appease or reason with evil men who fly planes into buildings and blow up children? Are you REALLY that stupid?

One last thing about war. War means fighting and fighting means killing, we are at war, people do die in them, and our goal should be to kill the enemy, that IS how wars are won! They are not won at the UN, or by drunken sots like Teddy Kennedy, or by war protesters marching with foolish signs at marches sponsored by anti-American groups! They are not won by appeasing terrorists, or by “understanding” bastards who blow up children. They are won when the good guys, that is AMERICAN TROOPS, kill the sub-human scum that terrorists are! You call me a nut because I cheer when terrorists are killed by our troops. What else would a sane person do but cheer when evil is defeated?

Cindy Sheehan is a moron! She is nothing but a leftist fanatic who despises America and its Constitutional freedoms! She loves Hugo Chavez, who is a Communist dictator! Communism is the exact opposite of what America is! Therefore, when Sheehan swoons over Chavez or Jimmy Carter snuggles up to Fidel Castro they are not supporting freedom of speech, or religion, or association, or of protest. They are doing the exact opposite!

There is ZERO, which means none, zip, nada, and nil, freedom in Cuba or Venezuela. So do not pretend you love free elections and liberty, while you suck up to dictators who refuse to grant their people these things! Freedom is not a completely literate population where the government tells its people what to and what not to read! I would suggest you pick up some history books and take a look at how “free” Communist nations were and are. You might want to take a long look at how many Stalin butchered and imprisoned. You might wish to weigh how many died under Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot while you are at it. Saying Communism has failed only because it has not been done properly is like saying Cannibalism is not that bad, it just has never been practiced correctly.

Communism fails because it violates the natural desire of man to possess free will and self-reliance. See, God, yes I am going to bring Him into this, no matter how much it offends your little ego, created us with a mind, and a desire for self-determination. No matter how many times some leftist tries to fantasize about how more entitlements, more taxes, more centralized government and less American sovereignty will make a better world, it will never prove true. The less self-determination people have, the more reliance on government they will have, and this Marxist cocktail is, and always has been lethal to humankind.

For the love of Pete, learn from history! Liberty=prosperity=charity=high living standards=compassion=more wealth=opportunity for everyone. This is the lesson of America. Yet, you want to destroy this nation? You still believe in a Socialist Utopia where everyone lives in some communal land. You still believe America is to blame because other nations, who have not followed our example of free government, fail. You honestly believe we should scrap our history of success and adopt the Leftist vision of some form of Marxism that has, or is in the process of, destroying every nation that has tried it?

Wake up!

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