Turning Our Daughters Into Whores – Is it the Modern Way?

By: Warner Todd Huston

Becoming thoroughly “modern” means unleashing our daughters into a world of constant sexual gratification, apparently. You may think I am trying to be shocking just to grab your attention, but I am not trying to be shocking merely for shock’s sake. There is a cultural degradation leading us to this point.

A chief aspect of civilization is the propagation of a society through its families and social customs. Modern western civilizations have always been held apart from third world nations and past monarchist or despotic societies because of the special standing that their girl children have had. Particularly the protective status that our little girls are accorded is one of the civilizing factors that separates us from the more brutal, uncaring societies where girls are treated as mere playthings, slaves or, worse yet, a curse on a family.

For many generations we have considered our girls as something to protect, to be kept pure and free of the ravages of a hard life until they are ready to enter into the world properly prepared. “Daddy’s little girl” is placed on a pedestal and we men joke of sending our little girls to a convent to keep them from those predatory boyfriends. After all, we were ourselves once young men full of raging hormones and we know exactly what those boys want with our little girls. Immediately thoughts of this send men in our society into protector mode.

We want to be sure that our girls are not mistreated, that they have loving husbands who will provide for them. And when the time comes for them to have children of their own, we Fathers want to be sure that our little girls will be comfortable and safe to raise theirs, as they ought.

Our cave man urges rise to the side of our daughters.

… unless you are a member of Planned Parenthood.

In that case, you want our daughters to be open to constant sexual gratification at any age and you want to do all you can to encourage such freedom despite whether the union is sensible, safe or even stable. For a member of Planned Parenthood, easy sex is the only concern. Not the mental or emotional well being of our daughters, nor their ultimate family life and the well being of their children.

The woefully and inaptly named Planned Parenthood is at it again with their latest condom ad campaign appearing on MTV. Not only is Planned Parenthood urging our daughters to treat sex in a trivial, jocular manner, but also they are attempting to cast Dads in the role of sexual cheerleader for their little girls.

This new TV ad begins with a woman in the role of a construction worker, wielding power tools and wearing a hard hat. The girl’s voice-over tells us that her Father always told her to “use the right tool for the right job.”

When the construction-working woman gets home after a day’s work, she finds a man waiting in her bed. The woman casts aside her hard hat and opens a toolbox filled with condoms. The voice over ends the ad saying “Nice tool.”

(See the ad byClicking here)

Talk about treating sex in a trivial way. Planned Parenthood is again guilty of objectifying our girls and telling them to treat sex as mere fun, offering condoms as an avenue to that end — a mere “tool” to be used as mindlessly as one might a power tool. And the comment that her Daddy is condoning this offhanded treatment of her sexual relations is a strike against our society, turning girls from something to protect into something merely to desire and from whom to expect easy sexual conquests.

And here is another galling part of this sad tale. We are spending Federal and state money on this campaign so destructive of our very mores and societal customs. According to its annual report, Planned Parenthood received more than $265 million dollars in government assistance last year.

So, each and every one of us is contributing to a campaign that urges our little girls to treat condoms as just another “tool” to be used whenever the mood strikes. And, apparently, we Dads should condone this activity. To a member of Planned Parenthood, our little girls are just sexual playthings, after all.

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