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April 30, 2006

Tomorrow Is Your Day Make The Most Of It…

Filed under: Immigration - 30 Apr 2006

You know our flag has been through a lot these past few years, we have seen it burned, spit up on, hung up side down under the Mexican flag and most recently with a peace sign instead of a stars

Is War a “Christian” Thing?

Filed under: Religion & Faith,War On Terror - 30 Apr 2006

Is Christianity compatible with war? That is a question that many today feel should be answered in the negative. It is also one that the left in America uses to chide and heave claims of hypocrisy upon the shoulders of …

Socialism Corrupts Human Nature

The welfare-state brings out the worst in people, making society into a selfish, every-man-for-himself scramble to get “entitlements.” As government intervention depresses incomes toward equality, economic production declines, and people become equally poor.

A Liberal Solution: FEMA Is Dysfunctional, So Let’s Make It Bigger

Don’t look now, but the liberals — Republican and Democrat alike — in congress are grabbing more power for themselves while at the same time creating a whole new federal bureaucracy. Americans will rue the day it was created when …

I Pray Democrats Keep Up The Impeachment Talk

Filed under: The Democrats,The Republicans - 30 Apr 2006

It is a sad reality that Republicans best hope for holding onto control of Congress may be Democrats. Renewed by the idea that a never-before-used and little-known-rule in a supplemental House rules handbook will make impeachment of the President a …

Gueros And The Entrails Of The Monster

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,Immigration - 30 Apr 2006

In an article entitled, ‘Can Americans live without Mexican Migrants? We’ll soon find out.’ in Mexico’s LaJornada, Mexican Senator Laura Alicia Garza Galindo confuses the celluloid magic of ‘A Day Without A Mexican’ with reality when she states, “…It must …