Gueros And The Entrails Of The Monster

By: David Tatosian

In an article entitled, ‘Can Americans live without Mexican Migrants? We’ll soon find out.’ in Mexico’s LaJornada, Mexican Senator Laura Alicia Garza Galindo confuses the celluloid magic of ‘A Day Without A Mexican’ with reality when she states, “…It must be real hell for the gueros [blond, fair-skinned people] to be without the person who does the work at such a low cost, and who allows them to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle and be more productive in all of their businesses and homes…”

Is it hell for Mexico to be without those persons who work at such low cost, or does their absence allow Mexico to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle?

Senator Galindo scolds President Fox saying, “…Our radicalized, immigrant countrymen are in the U.S. because of the lack of opportunity in their own land. They need our support…now that they are to hold a huge demonstration on May1…he (Fox) should at least try to negotiate with the American political authorities to call off any brutal assault of more radical groups that might take part…” (1)

I’m not sure if the good senator is referring to the rabid reconquistas, spontaneous violence by some ad hoc group as a result of all those thousands of racist Latin Americans groping one another, our own security forces (who don’t arrest illegal alien demonstrators) or a cell phone-wielding Minuteman.

Apparently lack of clarity, electioneering and the inability to detect fact from fiction are desirable traits in the Mexican Senate too.

In an article entitled, ‘What we Mexicans can do to help the migrants” also in LaJornada, Gloria Munoz Ramirez writes, “…the protests (in the U.S.) have even been likened to the awakening of the Latino community from within the entrails of a monster…” and then explains, “…resistance in the United States has been constant ever since half our territory was stolen by the U. S. government…” (2)

Does the racism, hatred and arrogance displayed by these two represent the spirit of “Mexican Cooperation” in helping solve the illegal alien pandemic afflicting our nation?

And of course, you won’t find the term illegal alien anywhere in the aforementioned articles. Like our own elected officials, business, media and fantasy-based elites, the term “illegal alien” is “the term that dare not speak its name.”

American born Larry ‘Nativo’ Lopez, National President of the Mexican-American Political Association and an organizer of the up coming May Day Riots, is the delightful embodiment of that unrealistic prohibition.

In a recent interview, an hysterical Mr. Lopez responded to Lou Dobbs’ insensitive but accurate use of illegal aliens by shrieking, “…you don’t say kike, patty, w.o.p. Ok? You don’t say nigger…you’re using language that’s offensive to me and offensive to my people…don’t use that terminology to me again, referring to my people…”

Either Mr. Lopez lacks the intellectual dexterity to connect the term illegal alien with the legal status of millions of his Latin American compadres, or he rejects the term because of racial, tribal or national loyalties that supersede his American citizenship.

Mr. Nativo’s refusal to deal with the reality of illegal aliens as defined, the threats and intimidation he resorts to when confronted by that reality and the morally repugnant use of the term “my people” in justifying those threats make him little more than a Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wanna-be.

As for this “my people” noise, well, alarm bells should be ringing.

Americans are no strangers to the “my people” oratorio.

After decades of “my people” from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton et al, and the stupid, heavy handed solutions served up by profligate elites, we are burdened with race relations that are worse now then they ever were.

However, the mistakes we have made in trying to rectify the great inequities and injustices of racism within our own culture and nation do not extend to racist foreign nationals defiling our nation.

Mr. Nativo’s “people” are racist Latin American trespassers in a nation where they do not belong.

They threaten us with economic repercussions, and worse, if we, as a nation and a people, don’t cave in to their demands.

They have brought the violence and ignorance of their contemptible banana republics with them and expect us to acquiesce.

But they have no right to threaten or demand anything from American citizens in our own country.

The only “right” they have is safe passage back to their homeland.

Miss Ramirez blubbers and croaks about the awakening of the Latino community in the entrails of a monster.

She, Mr. Lopez and their illegal alien hordes, like ignorant thugs everywhere, have mistaken compassion, civility and the commitment to abide by society’s laws for weakness.

Illegal aliens would do well to start thinking about the awakening of the American citizens and the possible change in the quality of life for those illegal aliens as a result.

You can go home now.

I hear Latin America is lovely this time of year.


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