I Pray Democrats Keep Up The Impeachment Talk

By: Kevin D. Korenthal

Nothing, I repeat nothing Republicans do between now and the November elections will stop the massive losses that await them at the polls. With President Bush unpopular with Republicans and Democrats alike, the prodigious campaigning he did in 2002 will not be repeated in 2006. Furthermore, the confusion over Bush’s unpopularity as well as the unpopularity of the GOP controlled Congress has rendered most Republican campaigns in this election cycle impotent and rudderless.

It is a sad reality that Republicans best hope for holding onto control of Congress may be Democrats. Renewed by the idea that a never-before-used and little-known-rule in a supplemental House rules handbook will make impeachment of the President a reality, Democratic controlled state legislatures around the country are moving to bring charges against the President and in some cases the Vice-President. Americans were unimpressed by the attempts to impeach President Clinton and were even more turned off by Democrats attempts to do it to Bush heading into the 2004 elections. What makes them think Americans will support their attempts to circumvent the results of the Democratic elections that gave Bush another 4 years is a mystery to me.

The real miscalculation here is that without a majority of state legislatures in their pocket, Democrats attempts to impeach the President before November is impossible. If they go into the November elections with this plan and no other you can be sure that the structure in the House, Senate and even state government will remain the same as it is today. We know from the DNC leadership that no real solutions will be revealed to the American people until they are in a position to implement their plans. This is a veiled admission that Democrats have no plans at all or have plans that will be very unpopular with the people or are just the repackaged plans of the Bush Administration.

So I for one encourage Democrats to keep talking up impeachment. Americans just love it when political parties seek to make an end run around their collective will. Republicans may not be able to save themselves this November but they may not even need to. Democrats have been, are and will continue to be the Republicans best hope for winning elections.

Kevin D. Korenthal is a Staff Writer for The New Media Alliance and operates SoCalPundit.com. Columns by this author can be read regularly on TheRealityCheck.org.

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