Tomorrow Is Your Day Make The Most Of It…

By: Carolyn Hileman

You know our flag has been through a lot these past few years, we have seen it burned, spit up on, hung up side down under the Mexican flag and most recently with a peace sign instead of a stars. I have this thing, for some reason when my flag is attacked I tend to want to see it more than anything else in the world, I guess maybe that is why when I hear and the flag was still there tears fill my eyes. I suppose you have read by now that the Mexicans are trying to take that way as well, and call it patriotic.

I know that the Mexicans were supposedly educated by the democrats and even given American flags to make them look more American, but I guess they still missed the message. It takes a hell of a lot more to be an American than simply holding a flag in our streets, but then the democrats never figured that out either. It takes the guts and brawn to conquer a new land and make it yours, not by marching but by sheer will and waiting for that first crop to grow. It is the will to fight for your country in lands you never even heard of before.

One cannot simply walk across an invisible line and decide that they are American nor can they imply that we are all immigrants since most Americans are several generations American and any immigrants that were in our families would be as angry as we are since they had to go through the proper channels to become citizens and were never given the easy route to anything.

They came here with nothing, learned the language, learned the customs and taught their children to do the same and they became American. The ones who will be marching on Monday have no intention of doing any of that and their new Star spangled banner proves just that. They want to take everything about America and turn it into their language, change the words, change the heritage, and change the history so that it fits them and to hell with what the Americans think, they have come to take over and from where they are standing the job is almost done.

This is yet another slap in the face to those great people who fought for and built this country, this is nothing more than yet another way to shove their language down our throats and make us like it. How many of you remember the first thing we saw after the attack on September 11th? It was our American flag, hanging from everything, well my fellow Americans we are under attack again. This time by government sanctioned illegal immigrants and it is up to us to save our country now. I know many of you simply cannot take off work to march or protest so as a silent sign of unity and pride please hang your American flag on May1, 2006. Carry one with you if you can and on your lunch break step outside and wave it. Pull over your cars on the freeway and stand beside them with your flags.

The last time we were attacked the one thing running through everyone’s mind was that they wanted to do something; well this is your chance to do something, don’t be afraid of being the only one, and just be afraid of the Mexicans taking America without firing a single shot. Tomorrow is your day make the most of it…

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