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April 26, 2006

Plays Of The Weak: All New!

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I don’t understand this “Immigration Reform” that our legislators in Washington are up to. Millions of people violated our sovereign border and thus our laws and for that reason we need the law reformed

A Modest Proposal To Ease Our Gas Pains

Filed under: American Economy - 26 Apr 2006

The war on terror. Illegal immigration. Iraq. Government leaks. Dick Cheney’s shooting accident. All pale in comparison to the crisis du jour: the cost of gasoline.

Four Years After 9-11, Interagency Intelligence Sharing Still Lacking

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More than 4 years after September 11, the nation still lacks government-wide policies and protocols for helping agencies integrate the myriad of ongoing efforts to improve the sharing of terrorism-related information that is critical to protecting our homeland.

Hillary Wants Fascist Corporatism

In her recent address to the Economic Club of Chicago, Senator Hillary Clinton advocated a version of the New Deal’s state-corporatism that was patterned on Mussolini’s fascist Italy of the 1920s.

CIA = Cluelessness In Action

There’s another story coming about involving a former CIA operative, and this time the names Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson aren’t involved. This time, the person in question is Mary McCarthy, a veteran CIA officer who was fired for leaking …

April 25, 2006

If You Don’t Understand This, Please Don’t Vote

Filed under: Taxes & Taxation,The Democrats,The Republicans - 25 Apr 2006

I’ve never been shy about telling ignorant people not to vote. Mostly because it is arguable that because ignorant people vote without first taking the time to figure out what or who they are voting for we get more …

A Specter Of Things To Come?

Mr. Specter is pushing for a windfall profits tax on oil companies in an effort to curb rising gasoline prices. Of course, the first thing that came to mind upon reading this was WHAT A MORON, however, after a moment …

TheTruth About Illegal Immigration

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il·le·gal Function: adjective Etymology: Middle French or Medieval Latin; Middle French illegal, from Medieval Latin illegalis, from Latin in- + legalis legal : not according to or authorized by law : UNLAWFUL , ILLICIT

A Think Tank’s Credibility Tanks

I was amused, as I’m sure are many others, to read about a group of education researchers involved in what is being called, “The Think Tank Review Project”. Driving my laughter was the discovery that the funding for this endeavor …

Dust Off Those Flip-Flop Sandals for 2008

It’s one of the marvels of today’s political arena: a senator with obvious White House ambitions constantly changing positions on important issues while the “people’s watchdogs” — the news media — ignore the flip-flops and flim-flam.

Desolate Housewife

Last week in my column “Race, Race, and more Race”, I elucidated on the (perhaps obvious) phenomenon of an inordinate percentage of our high-profile news stories inappropriately leaning toward the issue of race.

April 24, 2006

Is it Bin Laden or Another Angry Democrat?

Filed under: The Democrats,War On Terror - 24 Apr 2006

No, I’m not trying to unjustly accuse Democrat leaders of terrorism-although, with some of their ongoing and recent comments one does have to wonder. I must say that I do find Osama bin-Laden’s comments eerily similar to those I’ve heard …

CIA Canning Officer for Leaking Classified Info Is a Good Start

Sooner or later it was bound to happen: The Central Intelligence Agency summarily terminated the employment of a senior officer for leaking classified information to news organizations, including secret intelligence for stories appearing in the Washington Post that revealed the …

Gasoline-Price Dishonesty

High gasoline prices are painful. But liberal Republicans and Democrats making an economics problem into a political issue won’t change the underlying realities that drive prices higher.

Iran, Time to Bomb?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 24 Apr 2006

Iran is a sticky subject. It is no wonder that the Bush administration doesn’t want to talk too much about Iran, why they felt it a good idea to shed any talks or discussions with Iran to the supposed EU3 …

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