It Is Time To Do What Our Leaders Cannot Do

By: Carolyn Hileman

You know I can tolerate a lot of things, like people I don’t like but must deal with or electric bills that go up each month to the point I have to wonder if I will have lights this summer, But the one thing I cannot tolerate is someone messing with my country or my flag. That is exactly what has been going on in our great country and the perpetrators or people who I assume started out with the best of intentions and just got lost along the way.

Take for instance the school walkouts by the Mexicans, we all know what would have happened if our kids tried that. Words like expulsion, suspension and alternative seem to jump into the brain at the thought. However, the Mexicans just because there was a bunch of them were able to disrupt class and walk off campuses across the nation and very little if anything was done, these children were allowed and in some instances encouraged to deface public property and our national emblems by hanging our flag upside down beneath the American flag and it was only when the American kids brought American flags to school that flags were banned at the schools.

This is the United States of America people and there is NEVER ANY REASON TO BAN THE AMERICAN FLAG, NEVER!!!! You may ban the Mexican flag simply because unless it is used for a project it really has no business in an American school. But to ban the American flag in my opinion is simple treason and should be punished. I really do not care who it offends, it is a part of America it has seen us through hell and back and to ban it because it might intimidate a Mexican is down right ludicrous. I mean give me a break here people since when does the United States of America bow down to any other nationality?

We have all called, we have emailed, and we have written on this subject till we are blue in the face and look at them today, do you see our leaders standing up? Hell no they might offend a Mexican, Good God what have we become? When we not only allow people who are here illegally to march in our streets but ban our countries flag in the schools so as not to make them mad… Enough of the letters emails and phone calls I am tired of begging our countries leaders to act like leaders. As much as I know that Americans have jobs they need to go to and other things they must attend to we must march and we must march as a nation. We must come together as a nation and let our leaders know without a shadow of a doubt we will stand for this no longer.

I have held off on suggesting a nationwide march because I know our people must work, but if we don’t do something soon they will hand them our country without any say from the American people and I cannot tolerate that. On may 5 and 6 there will be a nation wide march and I am going to be there I hope you will to, it is time to do what our leaders cannot do

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