Questions For Illegal Immigrants

By: Doug Hagin

As I am writing this on May 1, the day that illegal immigrants and their misguided supporters chose to hold a boycott of American businesses, I have a few provocative questions going through my mind. These questions are likely being asked not just by me, but also by millions of Americans of all political stripes. While I seriously doubt any of these questions will ever be answered, I must ask them anyway. The issues of illegal workers, border security, and national sovereignty are as pressing as any that have ever faced America. Therefore, without further ado, away we go.

Question number 1. If the protesting illegal immigrants want so much to become Americans, and so love and cherish America, then why are they trying to hurt America’s economy? The organizers of these rallies and boycotts have explicitly said numerous times that they firmly believe these actions will stun and slow our economy. So, if they truly believe this, why are they trying to hurt the country they claim to want to be a part of?

Question number two. If these illegal immigrants truly have a sincere desire to come to America to work, and help America, as they claim, then why are they choosing to illustrate this by, not working? Seems a little odd now doesn’t it?

Question number three. If these illegal immigrants are, as they claim, doing jobs we Americans just will not do, then what happens if they get their wish of becoming Americans? If Americans just will not do certain jobs, then will the illegal immigrants still do these jobs AFTER they become Americans? Perhaps, they will not. So what then? Will we need new illegal immigrants to do the work that Americans will not do?

Question number four. If the supporters of illegal immigration really want American citizenship for illegals, then why do they so often wave Mexican flags? Why do they chant “Viva la Mexico“? Why are so many illegal immigrants seemingly so opposed to learning English, which is the de facto language of the United States? These things just do not add up do they?

Question number five. If the illegal immigrants are truly no different from legal immigrants, as they claim, then why do so many seem unwilling to assimilate? Immigrants of all racial and national origins have come here and blended in. They have learned English, worked hard and come to embrace the heritage of America. Why don’t more illegal immigrants take the same course as previous immigrants?

Question number six. If illegal immigrants have indeed built this country, as many like to claim, then why isn’t Mexico built just like America? Why is it so much more corrupt and impoverished? Why is it that these people are so desperate to flee Mexico for America? Surely if they built the USA, then Mexico, their country of origin ought to be a mirror image of the United States shouldn’t it.

Question number seven. If the illegal immigrants and their supporters are really in love with America, why are they attending rallies and participating in boycotts sponsored largely by Communist organizations and racists? Surely they do not support groups that are demanding that the Southwest be returned to Mexico are they? Surely, they are not supporting the Mexica Movement, which is a bunch of racists desiring to remove all “Europeans” from the North American continent are they. Surely, they are not supporting the Communist group Act Now to Stop War and End Racism or A.N.S.W.E.R. are they? If they do not support racists and Communists then why are they aligned with such groups? Are they not aware that these groups want to destroy America?

Question number eight. Do these protesters support law and order? Do they support the sovereignty of America? Do they not think a nation has a right to have borders?

Question number nine. If these illegal immigrants truly think they hold a right to ignore American laws then will they also hold such an attitude if they are robbed or assaulted in America? Since they obviously do not respect border laws, then what other laws will they believe they can simply ignore?

Question number ten. If the Illegal immigrants claim the right to enter America illegally then will they also support American’s rights to enter Mexico illegally? Will they support the right of, say, South Koreans to enter America illegally and work for less than they will? Will they nod their heads in agreement if an illegal Korean immigrant says they are merely doing work that Mexicans will not do? If not then why? If they truly believe borders and laws do not matter, then they should support anyone anywhere ignoring borders shouldn’t they?

Question number eleven. If these protesters really think America has no right to secure its borders then why do they not protest the Mexican government securing ITS southern borders? Is this not hypocritical? If America has, no right to borders then why should any nation?

Question twelve. If America is so bad and racist, why do illegal immigrants want to come here? We have all seen the signs proclaiming Americans as rednecks and racists at the pro-illegal immigration rallies. Again, if we are that bad why do they want to be here?

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