We Are PROUD Americans And We Are Not Afraid To Say So

By: Carolyn Hileman

Have you ever noticed that if you intend to stand up for your country, plan a rally or even write anything about our country if you are an American the firmly expect that you will come out with canons blaring, burning crosses and beating everyone in sight? What a sad day in our great country when any American has a label splashed across them by another American’s fear. These people are the ones who would give our country away in order not to look bad, to them what the world thinks is more important than what American’s think and that is devastating to them, us and our country.

A country cannot stand when the people inside its walls are steadily trying to tear it apart, when they are constantly finding fault and can never find good in a country that gave them their birthright. Instead of propping up the country that gave them everything they have they felt the need to tell everyone how awful it is that they were chosen by birth to live here. They spend their entire lives making apologies for being blessed, like it is some type of crime to be proud to be American. They spend all of their time telling us just how wonderful other countries are yet never follow their conviction and move to those countries that supposedly are more moral, more decent than we are.

They will sing God Bless the USA and choke on each word, not because they believe it but because they feel they are being forced to agree with an elitist country that has never done anything for anyone. They will say the pledge because it is required, sing the National Anthem or at least move their lips, only because they are afraid someone might think them unpatriotic. But when someone stands up for this country we are racists, elitists pigs, we are cross burning, sheet wearing, war mongers. It does not matter if people who are here illegally march in our streets and expound about what rights they deserve they are the poor people we are keeping down and if we look real closely they behave much better than we Americans do.

But you let an American child stand up and say the pledge with pride on their faces and someone will be there to tell them what a mean cruel country we are and how they shouldn’t be proud of a place like this. You let a woman stand up to support her country and they will remind you that your own country wouldn’t even let you vote for a while. The popular phrase right now is that this is a free country that my friend is not exactly true it was bought and paid for by AMERICAN BLOOD. The evil Americans have helped in every single major disaster, we have sent food, clothing, search teams and money. America is a symbol of freedom to the entire world and let me ask if that was not true then why did we have streets full of people wanting to live here?

I will tell you what we Americans who are proud of our country and want to keep it America are going to be getting together this weekend and we are going to be talking about how great our country is and we are going to be trying to keep it from becoming an annex of Mexico and if you have a problem with that might I suggest you stay home. Because we are PROUD Americans and we are not afraid to say so

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