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May 10, 2006

Accomplished Liars: Libs Fib About W’s Iraq Speech

On May 2nd, liberal reporters and politicians alike observed the third anniversary of President Bush’s speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. As long as they were recalling the occasion, it would have been helpful if they’d remembered what the president …

Biden Proves He’s A Man Of His Word

Filed under: The Democrats - 10 May 2006

Senator Joseph Biden is running for president. The man whose platform may include making the world safe for hair plugs won rave reviews for last week’s speech in South Carolina, a venue not commonly frequented by Delaware Democrats. …

News Media Still Yawning Over Rampant UN Corruption

Filed under: The United Nations - 10 May 2006

The United Nations Oil for Food Program was probably the biggest scam in the history of geopolitics. Not only did the program fill the pockets of corrupt politicians, diplomats and businessmen, but it also allowed Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein to …