I Don’t Know How You Do It In Mexico

By: Carolyn Hileman

I don’t know how you do it in Mexico but let me tell you how things work in America. America is a land of laws and law abiding citizens, which is a major reason that America has become the power that it has. The other reason is that even though we tend to complain about these laws we know that they are necessary for us to survive as a nation. My husband works from seven to six most days, not to get the overtime since he is salary but because he knows that is what it takes to get the job done. We are required to have a driver’s license, auto insurance, house insurance and flood insurance. We have to slow down at school zones and pull over when an emergency vehicle has its siren blaring.

We are not allowed to have our music blaring after midnight or we are fined for disturbing the peace, when a fire ban is in effect, we know not to burn and we know if we do we will be fined. We are aware of the laws of the land and we abide by them so I think you might understand why we find it very hard to swallow that our leaders are allowing people to come to our country illegally, allowing them to buy social security cards and other documents using names of real people, real American people. But I think the hardest thing for an American to swallow is the fact that they allowed people who we do not know if they are here legally or illegally to march in our streets, not once but several times. They allowed them to stand there and tell us that we shouldn’t call them criminals that we should allow them to any thing they wanted.

Well now, I don’t know how you do things in Mexico, but this is America and Americans don’t take to kindly to that crap. When the first thing you do is illegal how on earth can we believe that you plan to do anything legal after that? We have no problem with the hard working immigrant that came here legally and all they want is to be an American and live the American dream. As a matter of fact we applaud you for your perseverance because we know that it was no easy task and that if you had not have wanted to be an American you would not have worked so hard to achieve it. But for those who came here in the cover of darkness intent on taking anything they could from America we have no use for you and we make no bones about it.

We will call you criminals because that is exactly what you are, we will call you illegal because that is exactly what you are. Our countries leaders may change your name but we will not, our leaders may coddle you and try and give you anything you demand but as for real Americans when you started issuing your demands you became a terrorist and real Americans do not negotiate with terrorists. No I don’t know how you do things in Mexico, but you are in America now and you had better learn to act like it.

Pro America, America responds will march on May 20, 2006, in Lufkin, Texas we will meet at Pavilion 2 at the Kiwanis Park across the street from McDonalds on Timberland drive. This will be a rally and march so those who cannot march can rally at the park. Our march will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 1:00 pm. Bring comfortable walking shoes if you plan to march and water. Bring posters, markers and flags if you have them if not we may have some available at the rally. This is a Pro American march and we will not tolerate any unclean language or derogatory signs of any kind. We are not affiliated with any groups so if you plan to distribute any material at the march or rally we will need to preview them prior to the march. If you are a proud American who wants to see our borders secure and want to get your message heard this is the time and place to do it.

For more information please contact Carolyn Hileman at 936-634-2272 or hilemanhouse@aol.com We are asking that all Americans from Lufkin and beyond come march and help us make a statement.

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