Is The ACLU Evil?

By: Warner Todd Huston

I have just found a Christian with whom I utterly disagree on a particular issue (thanks to our friends at for finding this article). All I need do is give the title of the Op Ed I disagree with for you to understand my consternation:

The ACLU Is Not Evil, by Stephen L. Carter, published on the website on May 11th, 2006. (ClickHere to go to article)

It seems that Mr. Carter’s main point is that the ACLU does a good thing once in a while so we should all cut them some slack. In his piece, Carter says:

“More to the point, the ACLU is often right about the First Amendment’s free exercise clause, taking on fights that others refuse. It might surprise some critics that the ACLU defends the free speech and free exercise rights of, well, Christians.”

This argument is absurd. It’s like saying that, because Stalin was on the right side of WWII, he was really a swell guy after all… you know, despite all that gulag and murder of millions stuff! Or, that we can excuse the criminal actions of the Mob because they give to a charity once in a while.

Sure the ACLU has done a few good things, but their bad things far outweigh the good. Not only that, but they have an agenda that is antithetical to the USA. This organization was started at the turn of the last century, and is today perpetuated by, communists/socialists who wish to destroy just about everything that makes our nation great only to have it remade on a communist/socialist model. This aim of the ACLU is antithetical to all our interests as well as our culture and history. But, because they take a case that is out of character for them once in a while merely for the sake of public relations, this does not put enough salve on the wounds they have inflicted upon our Constitution. No, not nearly enough salve to make their work a positive good for this country.

Now, I know I invoked some extreme examples using the Mob and Stalin, and I don’t mean to say that the ACLU is evil on the level of a Stalin or the Mob. Like Carter, I do not believe the individual members of the organization are necessarily “evil”.

Members of the ACLU are only pursuing their ideals — as are we. They passionately feel that their ideals are far better than those of the Founders and most Americans. They think, they truly think, that the Constitution needs to be remade in a socialist light. As Carter says, “being wrong is not the same as being evil”. With that we agree. And it must be recognized that one simply does not have to be “evil” to believe in socialism.

Yet, the ACLU’s members do not have to be “evil” to be responsible for attempting to destroy what it is that makes the USA great, what gives us the most liberty and freedom in the world. Not being “evil” does not excuse their desires to undermine those things that underlay our society, those things that supports all those great freedoms. So, while they, themselves, do not have to be individually “evil” what they want to do is as destructive as it gets. So, their goal ends up being a great evil, whether they truly intend evil or not.

As they say in my old neighborhood: “Eh, same difference!”

So, Mr. Carter, while we can agree that they aren’t necessarily “evil” people, they are still an organization that needs to be eliminated. Let’s face it; there are plenty of other avenues for Americans to have their civil rights safeguarded by legal measures.

We don’t need the ACLU and would be better off without them.

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