UN Rapists, Impeach Bush, More Cindy, & Where Kanye At?

By: Bob Parks

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks. Let’s catch up, shall we.?

Hit UN-do
It continues to amaze me. actually it shouldn’t because this is way beyond old news.

Any time there is some kind of conflict or strife in the world, our friends on the left insist we go to the United Nations for assistance. Despite their dismal record as far as solving any problem, member states meddling in the negotiations that led up to the Iraq War by way of accepting Oil-For-Food bribes, the abuse here of diplomatic immunity by their individual attaches, lets look the other way regarding yet another scandal.

Yes, it’s all about sex. Hopefully some just might show an inkling of concern since the victims are underage girls and the perpetrators are UN staff themselves.

According to Alphonso Toweh of Reuters last Monday, UN peacekeepers, aid workers and teachers are having sex with Liberian girls as young as eight in return for money, food or favors, threatening efforts to rebuild a nation wrecked by war, a report said.

“Save the Children UK said an alarming number of girls were being sexually exploited by men in authority in refugee camps and in the wider community, sometimes for as little as a bottle of beer, a ride in an aid vehicle or watching a film.”

The left loves to accuse others of exploitation. Where the hell are George Clooney and all the other activists who deem it their responsibility to bring these issues to our national consciousness? I would hope the reason our domestic information heroes, like the New York Times and USA Today, are taking an apparent pass on this story is because were talking about their beloved, all-knowing, all-caring, and always neutral United Nations.

“This cannot continue. Men who use positions of power to take advantage of vulnerable children must be reported and fired. More must be done to support children and their families to make a living without turning to this kind of desperation.” – Save the Children UK Chief Executive Jasmine Whitbread

The Reuters piece that references a 20-page document reiterates reports of sexual exploitation by peacekeepers in every location where a contingent of the UNMIL peacekeeping force was stationed, highlighting the continuing problem of sex abuse by UN forces.

Although the piece calls them allegations, numerous accounts of sexual misconduct have followed UN operations in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Haiti and especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the world body has accused members of its biggest peacekeeping force of rape, pedophilia and giving children food or money in return for sex.

Sorry if I find myself asking the same questions over and over, because I never seem to get an answer. To people like Cindy Sheehan, and many other anti-war activists, the United States is always the villain; the evil incarnate. Is there any reason aside from hypocrisy that’s preventing them from protesting the behavior of the UN? Especially in this case, where is the National Organization of Women, or Jesse Jackson as this sexual exploitation and rape is happening to young girls of color?

Just one more reason to support the abolition of the corrupt, country club known as the United Nations.

One Thing Leads To Another
Besides football season, come this fall well have more drama to look forward to.

Democrats on Capitol Hill are promising (and we’ll consider the source) to launch a series of investigations of the Bush Administration, should they retake the House, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is denying they want to impeach the President.

“I said we’d be having hearings on the war, wed have hearings. But I don’t see us going to a place of impeachment. Investigation does not equate to impeachment. Investigation is the requirement of Congress. It is about checks and balances.” – Pelosi on NBCs Meet the Press

It’s obvious she hopes no one remembers the statements made by Michigan Congressman John Conyers, senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, who’s called for the creation of committee to recommend grounds for possible impeachment of Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Sounds like a done deal to me, although a back-peddling Pelosi also insists it’s out of her hands. “John Conyers is an enthusiastic advocate. I am the leader. Our caucus will decide where we go,” she said.

Now, if anyone can show me any campaign material of any Democrat running for federal office that says straight up, they want to impeach Bush, that would be honest. However, Democrats are notorious for not telling the American people what they really want to do until they get voted in.

Some things never change.

Ev’ryone Knows Its Cindy
While going on her 19th minute, Cindy Sheehan has made many friends with her anti-war crusade against President Bush. However, there are some who are publicly challenging her, and they do so from the same context from which she feels shielded from any criticism.

According to published reports last week in Seattle, three woman dressed in red, white and blue, held signs and flags outside Town Hall on Monday night, protesting the appearance of Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist who equates President Bush with terrorism.

“You do not speak for my three grandsons.” – On a sign carried by Nadine Gulit, whose grandsons are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

Sheehan said it is “arrogant and racist” to think that an American military presence is necessary for lasting democracy in Iraq in a speech to several hundred people inside the hall.

“We are not the fringe anymore. We are not the lunatics; they are. We are mainstream America. We are the problem. When we leave, problem solved. Put an Arab face on peacekeeping, without guns. Killing to solve problems is barbaric.”

It’s ironic Sheehan accuses the United States of racism, yet calls for an Arab face to keep the peace unarmed. Sounds like she’s calling for a massacre of Vietnam-esque proportions. Sheehan should read a history book or two before making foreign policy speeches.

No matter what critics say, Sheehan vowed, “I’m not going to shut up.”

Not that any of us would think she could, because this has always been, and will always be about Cindy.

Snow Job
The newly appointed White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has realigned the cross hairs towards the media and gone where most of us have been for awhile now.

Fortunately, the Washington Press Corps has no choice by shut up and listen to Tony. In the form of emails, Snow is stating what some of us consider the obvious, but now it’s in print for all to adore..

“The New York Times continues to ignore America’s economic progress.”

“CBS News misleadingly reports that only 8 million seniors have signed up for Medicare prescription drug coverage. But 37 million seniors have coverage.”

“USA Today claims poor, often minority Medicare beneficiaries are not enrolling in Medicare drug coverage. But by April, more than 70 percent of eligible African Americans, more than 70 percent of eligible Hispanics, and more than 75 percent of eligible Asian Americans are enrolled or have retiree drug coverage.”

Not only is Snow smacking the media where it hurts, citing their numerous, intentional misleadings, but also he’s naming names. David Gregory; eat your heart out.

Where Kanye At?
I’m sure some of you remember the flack I took after the comments I made on CNN regarding Kanye West’s assertion that the media’s portrayal of black people is negative, thus racist.

Lets see, Kanye West said that George Bush didn’t care about black people. You know, and for public policy experts like Kanye West to say things like that, I would venture to say the people who were being the women who were being raped in the Superdome were probably more influenced by people like Kanye West and his peers than by George W. Bush.

But, you know, at the same time, he’s now concerned about the media perception of blacks when you look at the kind of music he puts out. – CNN Daybreak, September 6, 2005

Well, a little more than eight months later, I’m proven right again.

Troi Torain, better known to listeners of New York City’s top-rated hip-hop station Power 105 (WWPR-FM) as DJ Star, is now in trouble with the FCC and the Manhattan district attorneys office. According to the New York Daily News, Torain offered listeners $500 to tell him where the daughter of nemesis DJ Envy, of Hot 97, went to school.

“Yes, I disrespect your seed. If you didn’t hear me, I said I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed. On your little baby girl.”

Then Torain reportedly described in graphic detail what he meant by the reference to the R&B singer Kelly, who allegedly committed an unnatural act on an underage girl, an act captured on a widely distributed video.

Torain bragged on the air that he carries a gun, while calling the wife of DJ Envy (Rashawn Casey) a “whore,” a “lo mein eater”, and anti-Asian slurs. Hours later, Power 105 fired Torain.

Some may call this free speech. Some may call it hate. Either way, this is the juvenile crap spewed by so-called artists, praised by high ups in the music business. These artists are the very ones who justify racist comments and acts committed by those whose only exposure to black people are what they see on television and movies.

So Kanye, you have a mission, should you wish to accept it. Clean up your own damn house.

Until then, you and your homies are not welcome anywhere near mine.

And What About This Is News?
As a result of that CNN interview, I was also later called an “oldhead”. I agree I don’t understand the allure of some of today’s stars, and that does make me feel like my father talking.

But my point is again proven, as in this piece by Fox News Roger Friedman, on the reoccurring tale of payola in what was the music industry..

Take Lindsay Lohan. The teen actress was turned into a singer by Tommy Mottola, who made an interesting deal at Universal to start a label just for her. Mottola also managed Lohan, which no one questioned, and he claimed that the Universal Music Group had put up $50 million to get the ball rolling.

But Lohan is no singer, and no one, not even her movie fans, wanted her albums or to hear her on the radio. Nevertheless, the record company persisted. A series of e-mails in June 2005 shows what was happening a manipulation of MTV’s Total Request Live show that airs every afternoon and can seriously affect a new records fortunes.

UMG, according to Eliot Spitzer’s (New York state attorney general who levied a $12 million fine against UMG for payola) reports, was spending money at radio stations and for TRL to stuff the ballot box and turn losers into winners.

As I don’t know any of Lohan’s “music”, I can’t comment on her specifically. But it’s really sad that someone’s voice is so bad, you have to be paid to listen to it. Unfortunately Lindsay Lohan is not alone, and this won’t be the last time the entertainment business tries to make a star out of someone who has no business being on a stage.

So the next time you hear music business insiders lament the fact that people are downloading songs instead of buying an overpriced CD by a no-talent singer with perky tits, or movie business insiders complaining that box office numbers are down because of no-talent actors who cant master their mother tongue, shed no tears for these charlatans.

After all, you pay for what you get. They did.

Mutha’s Day
We all knew this was coming..

According to a piece written by Chris Metinko of the Contra Costa Times, Alfred Rava, a San Diego attorney, filed suit in Alameda County Superior Court May 8 for sex discrimination against the Oakland As after he did not receive a free plaid reversible bucket hat during a promotion at the As game May 8, 2004.

The suit, filed on behalf of all men who were denied the reversible hats, claims discrimination occurred because the hats were given to only to women. Rava also is suing the Macy’s department stores, which sponsored the giveaway.

A similar suit was filed earlier this month in Orange County Superior Court. That lawsuit, filed by Michael Cohn, alleges males and fans under 18 were treated unequally when they were denied a red nylon tote bag during a Mothers Day promotion at a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball game last year. The bag was being given away to women over 18.

Now while this could have been considered a bad joke, it was compounded by the fact that the Oakland A’s baseball team caved. Mother’s Day was changed to “Family Appreciation Day”, and promotional items were given to the first however-many customers, be they women, men, or children. A California radio station also reported a couple of schools canceling activities related to Mothers Day.

Christmas time is a Happy Holiday, Columbus Day is taboo in some sectors, Thanksgiving Day is bad because it celebrates the beginning of the Native American holocaust, and any Christian holiday, for that matter, is considered intolerance. Now we’ve partially erased Mother.

And all those illegal aliens really want to become citizens. What are they thinkin’?

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21, and is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc.

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