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May 21, 2006

A Warning To The GOP – You Are ALREADY Losing

Filed under: The Republicans - 21 May 2006

Californian, Stephen Frank, has done Yeoman’s work with his latest report, 14 Incumbents Defeated in Primary. Frank notes that nation wide no less than 21 Republican incumbents holding both state offices and Federal have been defeated in their …

French Parliament Makes US Senate Look Weak on Immigration Reform

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,Immigration - 21 May 2006

This just might be a first: the French are cracking down on unbridled immigration while the American government is showing weakness in dealing with an out-of-control illegal immigration problem.

Wrongo, Sandy Baby: Independence Is Not Omnipotence

In an April 16th interview with CBS News, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor complained about “threats for retribution against judges for certain decisions” by state and federal legislators. “I mean, that’s contrary to every notion of judicial independence …