A Warning To The GOP – You Are ALREADY Losing

By: Warner Todd Huston

Californian, Stephen Frank, has done Yeoman’s work with his latest report, 14 Incumbents Defeated in Primary. (Click Here for story)

Frank notes that nation wide no less than 21 Republican incumbents holding both state offices and Federal have been defeated in their own primaries by more conservative GOP opponents in this voting season. And this is probably just the beginning.

-Sitting Representative Chris Cannon is forced into a primary in Utah instead of automatically getting the nod from the Party.

-Tom Osborne lost his bid to represent the GOP for the Gubernatorial contest, even though Osborne is a well-known, long-time politician in the state of Nebraska.

-Five incumbent city council members of Herndon, VA lost their seats due to their support for a “day labor center” for illegal aliens.

-And, in the worst slaughter, in Pennsylvania, 14 GOP incumbents lost their primary contests statewide (both Federal and state and local) to more conservative opponents.

This must be a wake up call to the Party. Are you listening Ken Mehlman? Are you paying attention Karl Rove?

What you are seeing is NOT the “Conservative crack-up” that so many lefties are hoping for, but a steeling of the spine of the Conservative voter base.

But, this could possibly portend ill for the GOP if we aren’t careful. Many of us are in a vote-the-scoundrels-out frame of mind and this is sometimes not a balanced and levelheaded emotion, but too often one of anger and overreaction.

Voters get in a nasty disposition and want to take just anyone who sounds better than what they have and they vote for him unmindful of who can actually beat the leftist he faces in the Democratic Party in the coming general election. This is dangerous to ultimate victory in the immediate future.

We might be placing ourselves in the awful position of getting rid of some RINOs, but also losing the seat to the leftists in the Democratic Party. This would be disastrous for the country in this time of war, not to mention how it would serve to turn back the progress that we have just started to see in placing constitutionalist judges on the bench.

Karl Rove, you simply MUST push all candidates who can actually win to turn more conservative, and if you cannot make those incumbents support conservative positions and policy, find someone who can win who does. Further, you must make them stick to conservative policies after they win if they wish to stay in office.

I don’t want to be construed to say that the conservative electorate is too stupid to choose their own candidates, of course. But, when emotions are high voters often are not in the most deliberative of moods. And, right now, Conservatives are livid.

Mr. Rove, you simply must give the Conservatives more from the table in that big tent, because without us you cannot stay the majority.

And, if we cannot rely on Mehlman and Rove waking up to their peril, how about you incumbents nationwide looking at these first 21 sacrifices and taking heed? Incumbents, if you want to lose your seat, keep acting like a Democrat in Elephant’s clothing!

If you don’t heed this warning and start leaning toward more conservative measures and policies, I would be happy to write the epitaph on the headstone of your career.

And you’ll deserve to be on the outside looking in.

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